Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

When Are You Head’n North?

It’s that time of the year again when this question usually starts a conversation. It’s a time when snowbirds are of two emotions, sad to be leaving the Plantation but at the same time, glad to be moving on. The fulltimer generally is less sad because of the opportunities that lie ahead. Now that we are home owners again, we are excited to go back to the ‘new’ home to see how it wintered and to start planning any new projects to continue to get the place to where we want it.

1603254 Mar 29 Fast Track At Randy Normas ClubhouseBefore we make plans for our northward trip, we have another visit from friends from Ontario. Randy & Norma decided to make a stop on their way home from Arizona – truth be known, they were probably asked to leave! Just kidding Norma, don’t take this personally. Anyway, they stopped off for a week so they could visit with us, check out the area and do some bike rides along the gulf coast.

They joined us for our brunch with Terri & Mark and then we met up with them again after Terri & Mark left. We had dinner with them, used the clubhouse in their campground for s1603276 Mar 30 Barb Norma By Azaelaome Fast Track. It was an exhausting day for us, driving to Mobile airport, dinner with Randy & Norma, games, some beverages and a late evening but still a good time.

The next day, the weather was beautiful so we took Randy & Norma around to 1603280 Mar 30 A Group Selfiesome of the highlights around our area – Pitcher Plant Bog but we were chased out of the Weeks Bay Preserve by mosiquitos! So, off to the pier in Fairhope for a beverage at Shux that is half way out on the pier. After, back to our place for dinner and 1603286 Mar 30 Norma Barb At Fairhope Fountainan evening of Fast Track and lots of laughs.

Thursday the weather was rainy so the 4 of us took in a show then over to the El Paso for dinner - Thursday is 1/2 price 1603305 Mar 31 The Group At El PasoMargarita’s. The rest of our group – Bill & Ann and Larry & Marti – joined us. Good friends, good food, and 1/2 price Margarita’s is a recipe for good fun.

Friday, Randy & Norma joined us for happy hour 1604006 Apr 01 Happy Hour At Ann Billsat Bill & Ann’s. It may seem strange, the same group of people getting together often and we continue to have fun and enjoy each others company. Lots of chatter keeps us all entertained well after dinner hour. We all say our farewells to Randy & Norma as they are riding down the Florida Panhandle on Saturday then they will be heading their rigs north on the Sunday.


This is a good place to stop for now and hope you come back again…..

1604027 Apr 04 White Flowers By The Fish River Boat Launch


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  1. wow always busy ,,of course you guys are so much younger than us..anyways so good to read about your escapades ..keep up the posts ..ttyl and gr8 big hugs..