Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

First Month Back

1605008 May 02 The AirBud BnB We Stayed AtWe only chilled for a short time then back in the truck and off to Belleville to visit our daughter Dawn. She was in the regional hospital there for surgery. We stayed in a cute BnB in the heart of Belleville, just a short distance from the hospital. Our hostess was very nice and we will surely use her place again whenever we go there again. Breakfast was made to order with more than we could eat. Afterward, she would ask if we wanted more coffee and would sit and chit chat. Very homey.


On the way home after a few days, we met friends Pat & 1605026 May 07 Shaw Theatre At Niagara On The LakeCarolyn for lunch in Cobourg. We talked the afternoon away but soon had to be back on the road. We stopped off at my brother 1605022 May 07 Terri At LunchLarry’s for a short catch up with him. We got back in time for Barb to have a day away with Terri for Mother’s Day at Niagara on the Lake. They shopped, went to the theatre, tasted some of the restaurants of the area and had a wonderful time together.



Now all the gallivanting is done, we get down 1605053 May 12 Front Step Frame In Placeto work. The front porch/deck is about 18 inches high and needs a step – maybe that’s why we don’t have vis1605068 May 17 Our New Front Stepsitors, they can’t easily get to the door! Anyway, with Barb’s design, we set about cutting and screwing and voila, we now have a step. We built it with a plan of adding on to make the porch bigger to fill the front of the house. Plans….



1605071 May 21 Week 7 For Peggys Cove Lighthouse



Barb is working on another ‘quilt along’ where she receives a quilt pattern and works on it with many other quilters but on her own time and in her own quilt room. It is a picture of the Peggy Cove’s lighthouse and so far, it is looking great. It is destined to be used as a window covering in her quilt room.




Gardens, planters and other pretty things keep us busy and make the outside looking better. Randy & Norma come over for lunch and a few games of fast 1605087 May 25 Cheers From Randy Norma Barbtrack. Visitors, see, so it is all about the front steps. We had a fun day together, a few wobbly pops, lunch, chit chat and of course the guys lost at fast track.

With all the trees gone down the side of the house, the heat is turned up on the back deck. We’re off to get one of those large patio umbrellas. It’s a toss up between Lowes and Ikea. The Ikea unit has a better stand weight system so it wins. After getting the unit home, we set it up. It was difficult deciding on the best location to set it so we can maximize the shade it gives out. The fabric is a huge 10x12 feet and it will be great. But wait…. we have to turn the deck 90 degrees to get any useful shade – right now, the walkway is shaded perfectly but not so much for the actual seating area! The umbrella looks great, a neat weight system and would have worked but….. so box it up and back to Ikea! On the way home we had to stop off at Walmart for a few things so let’s just take a peak and see what they have to offer. A table umbrella that tilts in the centre so we can adjust it for any sun. We’re better now and it looks fine or as you say, it’s made in the shade. Sorry, I had to say it.

That’s our excitement for May, hope you enjoyed the read and come back again at the end of July for more scintillating fun….

1605089 May 26 Woodpeckers Go Up The Tree

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  1. nice porch step ..again so busy ,hope dawn is well ,,will have to try to setup a day out with you guys ,,but only when you stay home.lol. ok ttyl and hugs.