Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Another Month In Paradise…

1603023 Mar 04 Tom Larry Dallas Bill Chuck Kelli Ross Marti Ann Cher Barb Pat PatThis is becoming a terrible habit – late to post! March has been a fun month, social get togethers, sewing, lunches, gardening and shed repairs. Not sure where to start so I’ll begin with the socials. Dallas had his 83rd birthday and we had a small gathering ‘under the magnolia’ to celebrate. This time, we didn’t ask him to play his fiddle for his beverages like we did last year! As the sun got lower in the sky, we kept moving our chairs to stay in the sunshine.

Every year, the Gulf Posse (our local Escapee Chapter) 1603094 Mar 14 A Picture Of Me At The Eventhas a Corned Beef luncheon fund raiser and as usual, lots of folks were there, great food – some of 1603097 Mar 14 Bananna Bread For 10 Dollarsthe guys cook the beef in the yard behind our rig and by noon, we were getting hungry as we smell the sumptious aromas. To help out the local volunteer fire department, they auction off the remaining beef and lots of homemade desserts. Our auctioneer does a fun job of prying the money loose and we rasied lots of cash again this year.


The waite staff at the Sunset Grill actually comes 1603032 Mar 05 The Sun Sets On The Yachtsout, rings a bell and offers a toast to the sunset. This seems like a 1603030 Mar 05 So Much Funfun thing and we just had to experience it. We picked a beautiful day, had a excellent meal, good friends and we were rewarded with a perfect sunset, a ringing bell and glasses held high in a toast. A spectacular event.


Of course, a week doesn’t go by without a lunch at Big Daddy’s on the Fish River. Some days are too cool to be out on the deck but it doesn’t matter when the beer is cold and with good friends, just being there is a good time.

But all this play is not without the work! Barb 1603024 Mar 04 Barb Working On LOTR1603065 Mar 10 Our Group At The Tableslaves tirelessly over her sewing machine – ok, maybe that’s play too but she enjoys it and produces beautiful projects. Here, she is free motion quilting our new duvet cover for the bed at home. I get to do fun stuff too, like extricating the Wisteria root and rebuilding the shed after storm damage last spring. Bill & Larry came by to help out and we replaced the damaged panels in short order.


1603025 Mar 05 Terry Removing The Wisteria Roots1603124 Mar 21 Working On The Roof1603115 Mar 21 We Have A Back Opening


Barb & I played a little more golf, still getting the rust out of our swings. I think Barb is ready for a ‘big boy’ course instead of the par 3 we have been playing – she played the back nine at 1 over par! Yeah Barb….

1603137 Mar 22 Barb At End Of The Game

1603132 Mar 22 Terry At Magnolia Springs Golf Course









Well, we are having guests this coming weekend so I’ll stop here and get ready for the next post. We hope all is good where you are and stay tuned….

1603074 Mar 12 My Finished Egret

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  1. again busy busy ..good to hear and read all the fun stuff you guys are doing ..soon back to the GREAT WHITE NORTH ..looking forward to your return hugs.