Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to Normal??

1602188 Feb 15 Tables Are FullThe dust has settled from Mardis Gras and activities 1602172 Feb 15 Marti Terry Cutting Fleeceare getting back to normal in the club house – quilting, sewing and more quilting! I was even involed with one of the ladie’s projects. They had agreed to make fleece hats and scarves for the vets in the hospice in Bay Minette. I took my circular saw over and soon started cutting the fleece into proper sizes for the ladies to pin and sew together. Altogether, there was about 30 poeple involved and we managed to turn out around 200 hats by the end of the day. It was fun with the bonus of doing something for the vets.1602185 Feb 15 Some Of Our Hats

1602254 Feb 28 Brunch At Tin Top With Tom Cheryl Ross And PatOne of our interesting eateries is the Tin Top Oyster 1602247 Feb 24 Gator By The WaterBar. We have been there a few times for their Sunday Brunch – Eggs Benedict which includes Champagne! My favourite is Eggs Benedict with their crawfish sauce, yum. Ross & Pat, friends from Lindsay, Ontario have stopped into the Plantation and joined us at the Tin Top and I’m sure it made their favourites list too. We made sure they got to all our hot spots – Sunset Grill, Big Daddy`s & Tin Top. They were here for a couple of weeks which gave us time to introduce them to Fast Track, our latest hot board game!  We also went to Felix’s Fish Camp and got the pleasure of seeing this alligator.  The couple we took with us didn’t appreciate the great experience of excellent service but we sure do.

1602206 Feb 17 Ed And Madonna McGarryEd & Madonna, neighbors across from us are leaving1602209 Feb 17 Wayne Tom Cher Ann Pat And Gayl to go back to Georgia due to health problems so we hosted a neighborhood happy hour so many people had a chance to say farewell. We all had a great time and Ed was able to speak to anyone that took a few minutes to chat. Again, we were all over served from the buffet – everyone is so generous when you have a get together.


1602205 Feb 17 Skyla Dave Mel And Gary

1602250 Feb 27 Barb Starting A New PaintingNow that Barb has a new interest – well, not new, 1602226 Feb 18 Egret In The Rocksshe has always had an interest in art and drawing but now she is working on her skills. Anyway, we take drives out to Mobile Bay to catch sunsets, study clouds and now she looks at the view in front of her with a differnt perspective so she can translate that in her paintings. These pictures are from Mullet Point Park at Point Clear, looking out over Mobile Bay. It was a beautiful sunset with surrounding wildlife. We would not have seen any of this if we had not taken the leap of full timing 16 years ago. Wow, how lucky are we?

1602251 Feb 27 The Egret In Water

1602229 Feb 18 The Sun Is Setting At Mullet Point










1602234 Feb 20 Barb On The Driving RangeYes, we are finally trying to work the rust out of our 1602232 Feb 20 Terry On Driving Rangegolf swings. We’re sure it will take a few trips to the range to even remember which end of the club to hold onto! So once we added the WD40 and built up some nerve, we ventured over to a par 3 with Tom & Cheryl for 18 holes of something we may not want to define as golf! Ahhh, we had fun anyway and you know we were a little sore the next day but no pain…. 1602259 Feb 28 The Rusty Group Teeing Off On 6

That brings us to the end of February and we hope all is good where you are and remember to take time to smell the flowers….

1602007 Feb 02 Camilla Bloom Opens


  1. too much ,so fast ..LOL great to read all the chatter .. always a good time with you two .. just about april ..plans??? let us know if you are n.y. bound ,,maybe we can get together down at the fort ..ok hugs and ttyl

  2. not home yet ..tried the phone number I have and it rings busy ..anyways safe travels and ttyl big hugs