Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Our Excitment of January

In our last blog entry, we updated through Christmas and again I have fallen down on the writing and now 6 weeks behind. It has been a busy, busy season so far. Always lots of fun and of course, some drama.

On New Years Eve, we spent the evening with Tom & Cheryl, playing board games, grazing on a layout of treats that the ladies whipped together and enjoyed a libation or two until the moment came to celebrate the New Year. Unlike Satellite or cable, we have the opportunity to watch other tokens drop, not just the ball in New York. There is the eatable Moon Pie in Mobile, the Pelican in Pensacola or the Mullet in Orange Beach, all from the comforts of our RVs, thanks to local Television station programming. It was an enjoyable night – again.

1601018 Jan 07 Board Of Directors Coffee ClutchThe early morning – 9ish is early enough - 1601080 Jan 14 Quilting In The Clubhouseevents continue with the men sitting around a table in the club house, fixing all the worlds problems over a coffe or two. Ususally, when the men are looking after keeping the chairs from floating, the ladies are sewing/quilting or just gabbing but its busy. At least one eveneing a week we get together for Fast Track with friends. We have down time so Barb can create and be busy sewing or painting – yes painting. My lovely bride has turned up the heat on her creative juices and now paints with Arcrylics. She has taken lessons with some local artisits and works with some other ladies in the club and is being coached by our friend Cheryl – who is a terrific painter. Now some of her tough decisions are does she do a landscape on a quilt or put it on canves.

1601085 Jan 14 My Beach Scene Painting From Hobby Lobby1601110 Jan 18 Barb Working On Table1601117 Jan 20 Barb Painting Her Flowers

1601022 Jan 08 Terry Framing My Barn QuiltYou may remember a project Barb worked on last 1601024 Jan 08 Tom Rounding The Barn Quilt Edgesyear – painting her own Barn Quilt that she started with Cheryl. Well, it is finished now and it needs a place to live and show itself off. Barb decided on a new sign post at the front of the site and we decided on looks etc so I set about rebuilding the post. The barn quilt needed a frame for hanging hardware and Tom just happened to have received a new trim router for Christmas and he was kind enough to ‘test’ it out on the frame and the post.

1601030 Jan 08 Our New Site Sign Post With US Block

1601025 Jan 08 The Guys Screwing On Top Of Post

1601033 Jan 10 Lydia Paul Arrive In ParkWe had a couple of 1601035 Jan 10 Paul Meets Our Friendsexciting days here, Lydia and Paul came into the campground for a visit. Now, lets turn up the heat on busy! We wanted them to meet our little gang, we had them all to dinner (8 seated) at our place. Lydia & Paul were only staying a few days so Barb & I picked a few of the area high spots to visit with them. We started out at Bamahenge, a home grown replica of Stone Henge right here in LA! We also attempted to tour the Swift-Coles house, a plantation here in LA but didn’t notice it was closed that day but we managed to tour the Bon Secour area and stopped at the Tin Top for a nice lunch – we 1601041 Jan 11 Terry Paul Lydia Looking At Rockknow Lydia likes her Oysters and Tin Top serves some of the best around!

The next day we walked the board walk at the 1601063 Jan 12 Cheryl Lydia BarbWeeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. There is a small display iniside and then the board walk that stretches out to Weeks Bay. It is a nice walk and this time we were lucky to view some wildlife – a squirel! After, we toured the downtown of Fairhope, one our most favorite little towns. After we all got tired, we ended up at McSharry’s Irisg Pub to replenish our batteries. A wonderful end to their visit as they are off the next morning for points west.

1601072 Jan 12 Waiting For Bill Ann At McSharry

With a few happy hours here and there, excursions to the show, lunches and dinners out, the end of January nears with an evening enjoying some Blue Grass at a nearby campground. February is looking to be busy with Mardis Gras celebrations, Valentines and warmer weather approaching so come back again for more sintillating experiences.

1601126 Jan 25 Looking For Breakfast

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