Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Zip–Time Flies

I know, I say it all too often but where does the time go? I’ve also said in the past that there must a law against geezers having this much fun! The last time I posted, saw us arriving here at the Plantation and setting up decorations for Christmas in early December. I’ll try to describe our doin’s and bring you closer to today.

One of the issues we found when we arrived was our microwave had given in and would not work. I placed a call to the repair folks and explained our problems. Wow, the repair folks said that it was a known problem and that the 1 year warranty will be extended and we will get a free service call and a repairman will be sent out to fix it. True to their word, they did and in short order, it was working again – yeah! Now if I had known our luck, I should have driven to Florida and bought a Powerball ticket and we would be smiling bigger today!

1512038 Dec 06 Our Table With Tom & CherSunday, Tom & Cheryl & Barb & I went to the1512039 Dec 06 Dolphins At Billys Seafood Tin Top Oyster Bar for a Champagne brunch. It was fun, good food, cold Champagne and good company. How can you start a week off any better than this? After, we prowled around the Bon Secour River for a good launch spot to put the boats in. The river mouth is not far down river and opens into Mobile bay near the Gulf so sighting Dolphins is a regular event. And we did – so we’re more excited to put in here in anticipation of the Dolphins swiming with us as we paddle!

1512057 Dec 09 Pelican On A Post

Barb & I with 20 or so other Escapees from the Plantation took a bus trip to the Beau Rivage 1512066 Dec 09 The End Of The Showin Biloxi to do a little gambling, pig out on the buffet and take in the Christmas ice show. We had to hit the buffet first due to timing and then the slots. I lost my budgeted amount real quick but Barbie managed to hang onto and increase hers so she went home with some of their money! I’ll have to go back again to visit mine. The show was basically the same as last year but still good entertainment and more so listening to the jingle in Barb’s purse!



1512125 Dec 20 Sewing Snowmen On Coasters1512078 Dec 12 Sitting Around The FireWith happy hours and sundowners (a bigger happy hour gathering with lots of finger foods) we have been busy social butterflys. So, time to get down to work. With Christmas dinner soon, Barb is busy making something for each one at our table to take home. I had to give the Sago Palms a trim and we decided 1512128 Dec 22 Terry Cleans Up Sagoswe needed more secure steps 1512127 Dec 20 Rigsby Gets New Steps At Doorto enter or exit the rig. Barb has decided to channel her talents in another creative manner – painting with acrylics. She has been working with Cheryl – who is an excellent artist – and is creating a sunset picture we took last year. They are also taking classes locally and Barb is doing great. We also finlly got Barb’s wall hanging that she 1512133 Dec 21 Day Of Rose Practicecompleted this summer hung in the bedroom to replace a picture that we moved into the house last year. Each time I walk into the bedroom and see it, I mentally thank her for her hard work and talent, it is beautiful.1512135 Dec 24 Nature Of Things Hung In Bedroom

1512121 Dec 19 The Boats Are All Lite UpWent to the local Christmas boat parade on the Fish River which is only a few minutes down the road. The parade was late going by us of course – there is a story about last year when I said we didn’t need to be there too early and when we did arrive, it had gone by! Ouch, took awhile for anyone to listen to my ideas again. So of course this years had to be late – but anyway, there was fewer boats this year but the good company, we had fun anyway. After, we went back to Tom & Cheryl’s to play Fast Track – the boys are having difficlties beating the girls but we’re patient.

Our next big event is Christmas. We could not decide on gifts or no gifts until almost the last minute. At our age we decided that we should go out and buy our gifts together and after a few days, we probably won’t remember what we bought so we’ll be equally surprised Christmas morning when we open the gifts from Santa! And it worked, we had wonderful surprised looks on our faces after the gift wrap went flying.1512159 Dec 25 Our Table

1512152 Dec 25 Our Outfits For DinnerOur Christmas dinner was in the clubhouse with about 200 other Escapees. The club provided the meats (turkey or ham) while each table did pot luck. It was the same as the Thanksgiving feast but there was way too much food prepared so this time the ladies decided to cut back on the number of side dishes. Christmas dinner was delicious, we took our 7 layer salad and a large bowl of home made apple sauce, a bottle of wine and a growler of beer.




This brings us closer to today so come back again for 2016.

1512172 Dec 27 Finished Brown Tablerunner Bargello


  1. i thought i sent a message ,don't know where it went ,,anyways ,just got caught up with last couple posts ,,sorry if we didn't respond in timely fashion ,,my bad,sounds like you guys had never left down there..happy days and lots of fun..ok ttyl and big hugs ..

  2. saw the fat Tuesday celebrations ..good times aboung ..and who says old farts don't know how to have fun hehe..nice to see all is well ..ok big hugs and ttyl ..