Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

So Much to Do…

1512010 Dec 01 Everyone Busy At WorkIt is great to be back and we have had 1512006 Dec 01 Laying Out Flannel To Cutbeautiful weather. Each time we talk about getting the boats wet again, the weather turns and we go to plan B. Now that we have the rig washed, our activities turned to helping out at the anual baby blanket blitz held in the clubhouse. A bunch of folks – men and women alike, work togther to cut, press, sew, 1512007 Dec 01 Ladies Sewing Up A Stormpress again baby blanketts. This year, the beehive made 475 blankets in just 61512015 Dec 01 Happy Hour At Kelly And Chucks hours of co-ordinated efforts. Bill & Ann and Barb & I were so tired, we had to go to Vinny’s for pizza & beers! We got back in time for happy hour at Chuck & Kelly’s here on ERPU row. Again, good fun with good people.


1512018 Dec 02 Wisteria On The Ground

One of the problems we had with the rig over 1512021 Dec 02 Trying Another Waythe summer was some mold growth. We didn’t set the A/C low enough and we didn’t put out any trays of charcol or cat litter. Our caretaker put out some charcol but if we had done it when we left, we may have avoided the cleanup. Barb spent a few days washing everything down with a bleach mixture – not good for her lungs either. While Barb was working hard inside, I had the easy job outside removing the Wisteria bush. I enlisted the help of a friend with a loader and before long, we had it out but not all of it. Removing the many root tentacles will be an ongoing task.


1512028 Dec 02 The Gang At LunchWe found a new pub to us, an Irish pub in Fairhope so we don’t need to drive all the way to Pensacola to go to McGuires so often. But, we have to test it out first so it’s off to McSharry’s – the only draw back is it doesn’t open until 3PM but if it’s good enough, we’ll do ‘lupper’ instead of lunch! It was a hit for us, good food and cold beer (unless your drinking Guiness of course).

You know we’re at the Plantation when the quilters take a day to get out and buy some more fabric and today (Friday) was the day. While the ladies were out, Bill & I moved Dick & Marcia’s trailer and to repay us, Dick treated us to lunch at Big Daddy’s. All around, it was a fun day, helping a friend and sitting on the deck at one of our favorite haunts sipping a cool one.


1512031 Dec 05 Decorating The Dining Slide For ChristmasThe weekend is here and Barb continues to wash down the remaining interior of the rig. Once that was done, we put up o1512034 Dec 05 Barb Stringing Deck Lightsur Christmas decorations both inside and out. We lunch out with Tom & Cheryl on ‘the deck’ and find out that they also enjoy board games – they have Sequence and we have Fast Track so we’re set for some fun evenings of the boys vs the girls.

I`m sure you have had enough of my ramblings, so until next time, Happy New Year and may you have a happy and healthy 2016….1511122 Nov 23 Azaelas In Our Yard

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  1. so sorry I missed these last posts,,but here I am to write a review ,,lol,, just to say wish we were there .. by the time we do get there ,,it will be in a siver urn ,just spread some ashes around and it will be ok ..lol ..ok great reads as usual ..have more fun and ttyl ..huggs