Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

After the Fire Works...

Hi out there, I'm back again with another update to our goin's on. I last left you on the edge of your seats when I showed you the fireworks that Terri and Mark put together to celebrate the Queen's birthday – that's Queen Victoria by the way, not my Barbie although she deserves fireworks too! After all this excitement, we took a day off and Barb worked in her design centre and I started setting up the batter boards to layout the deck we hope to build this summer.

Barb has been working on several projects so far but this one is particularly beautiful and we will keep this one to replace a picture we brought home with us this spring. While Barb kept herself busy sewing, I managed to get all the batter boards up and started to level up and quickly realized we would need to excavate a lot of soil in order to get the deck low enough to match up with the back door. Oops, back to the drawing board for plan B!

While we're deciding on a new plan, we drove down to Terri & Mark's new house in Ellicottville, NY to help out with their dock project. They have a stream that meanders by their place and they want to build a deck platform so you can sit in an Adirondack chair and enjoy the wilds of nature – and that would
include those pesky skitters!


You know, when we're down south, we would spend a few hours on a beautiful day on the deck at Big Daddy's enjoying a cool one and watching the Fish River go by. Well, that also happens when we're here – not going to Big Daddy's but sitting on the deck of He's Not Here, doing exactly the same thing – enjoying a cool one and watching the ever powerful Niagara River go by.

On Saturday, we had a wonderful visit with Corrie, Nate, Dawn, Jessica and Lilly. It was a beautiful day where we could all sit around the patio table to catch up and then have lunch. A box of Smarties and ice cream cones kept the kids happy while the adults chit chatted. After lunch, we got the bean bag toss out for the kids but soon the bigger kids got involved and we all had more fun.

This brings us up to the end of May and a good time to close off. The picture below shows what stage of the reno we were at this time last year. Hope all is well out there, wherever you are....

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  1. never miss a beat on the coming and goings of the ellis clan ,,sounds and looks like you guys are having a great time ,,keeping count of days spent in the usa ,,not worried about the overage ,, I don't think they are keeping track on either side YET ..have a great time ,,hugs and ttyl.