Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

All Decked Out

Well, now that we have the inside
of our 'hobby house' mostly finished - we just have the 'little' things that you might see when out and about and you just know it is the right item to finish off 'the look', like pillows, pictures etc.

So now we turn our interest to the outside and what better project than to build a deck. Our grounds is so wet - we are the lowest property around so we get all the run off - anyway, it gets a little embarrassing when you sit down on the lawn chair and it sinks a few inches into the turf.

Our first challenge was to decide
how to build the under pinning of the deck. We experienced many, many tree roots when we were trenching for the weeping tile around the house and decided not to fight with mother nature and set the deck on deck blocks. Because the ground is lower near the house than it is near the driveway, we had to dig some turf out to make it level – don't want my marbles rolling too far away when I'm on the deck!

During progress slow downs, Barb continued with some of her quilt
projects – she doesn't like to be idle for too long. She is working on some mug mats as high school grad gifts for our 3 graduating grandkids, a window covering for the bathroom and a wall hanging for the trailer. She is also making 3 cloth baskets for a shelf cabinet in the bathroom. Busy, busy....
Now that we are home owners, we decided to participate in some of the activities in the area and the first opportunity was a small town Spring Fest. We have been to a few art & craft shows/fairs in Alabama and they have set our expectations – well, small town Ontario doesn't compare too well. Or maybe it was too big of a lot that they set up on but the Spring Fest was not attended by vendors. If I were to guess, there were only maybe a dozen vendors and one was the Niagara Zoo! A gent was holding a snake and suggested we come over to pat it – sorry pal, today is not the day we get over our fears! Right Tom? After this little let down of a fest, we went to the Ridgeway farmers market and were pleasantly surprised and will return again.

We took a trip into TO to visit Corrie and family – this is basically a full day trip, a 4+ hour return trip through TO! It is Nate's 10 th birthday and we wanted to pick up a table that we had in the house before we started Rving. We took Mack's grad gift in case he was home too.

So, now the deck frame work is level and squarish, time to

add the deck boards. I made a couple of jigs to use to place the screws so everything will be straight and even. It didn't take us too long to finish the deck top and sit and have beverage to celebrate – sorry Tom but we had to celebrate without you this time.

This brings us up to the middle of June. We hope all is good where ever you are....

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  1. wow wow wow work work work ..just to let you know ,,you make us all tired just looking at the work you do lol is mack ever getting big .. anyways see you guys soon and hope the trip to here is good ..ttyl and gr8 big hugs..