Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Making Roots

Now that we have most of our our creature comforts and our 'hobby house' is looking homey, we are settling in and sort of enjoying it! There are things about home ownership that we did not miss during our 15 years on the road. The last time we owned a house, the utility companies had not come up with a charge for delivery of there products. And usually, these charges are more than the actual price of the product consumed (water, electric or gas)! Oops, I am back on my soap box again....

Don't listen to me, we think we have a perfect little house for us and are enjoying being rooted again. We still have a few things yet to do – build a small room in the back room that houses the tankless water heater and provides a closet for mops, vacuum and some extra storage – after all, now we are not in the RV, we do not have to be so anal about what can or can not come into the house like we were with the rig. Here are a couple of pictures, the before and after.

Barb spent a wonderful weekend with
Terri celebrating Mother's Day. They went to a hotel for a couple of nights, took in a spa and had a few meals together, laughing and talking and having a great time together. After their weekend, they came back to Terri & Mark's for a BBQ dinner.


Barb is enjoying her new creativity centre. She has been busy designing, cutting and sewing a few projects together. Our electrical service panel is
just right of our front door and did not look great there. When we were renovating, we contemplated moving the panel into the closet across the room but we decided it was too big a task for the pay back so Barb came up with an alternative – a beautiful wall hanging built to cover the panel that can be easily removed to access the breakers when need be.

In the mean time, I started working on organizing – with Barb's help of course, the garage - my man cave without bar fridge, recliner or TV so it does not fall under the true definition of a man cave! Needless to say, with Barb's help, we got everything up off the floor and stored so we can find tools etc. I changed the large shelves so that there is now a work bench so I don't have to use the tail gate of the truck any more.

May 18th was a holiday here in Ontario and Terri invited us in for a BBQ dinner. She surprised us with a fireworks display and a bonfire in her new fire pit area near their re-built fish pond and water fall. Terri & Barb did some gardening and Mark & I moved a bed to one of Terri's friends.
Once we got back, it was miller time and kicking back and having a good time. It's been a long time that we have set fireworks off in the back yard and it brought back some great memories back when the kids were smaller. We would have the wheel barrow set up with sand and waiting for darkness. Once our girls were in their Pjs, we would light'm and enjoy the colours! That was a few years ago...

Well, that is enough for now, you are probably nodding off about now so we hope all is good where you are.... and here is another picture of where we were this time last year....


  1. wow more blogs coming from my blogger buddy ..sounds and looks like the life style is agreeing with ya'll..hoping to see you guys soon for lunch and or games ..will set up some times ..hugs and ttyl

  2. We're ready when ever you are....