Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Getting the Creature Comforts

In our last post, I showed you the snow that we arrived back home and soon after we arrived, Terri and Mark stopped by to help us unload our truck and I think to ensure we got moved in ok, even without anywhere to park our weary butts! After all the dust settled, glasses raised to toast and they were on their way back to Toronto, Barb & I started assembling the counter stools we brought home with us. Once we had all 5 put together and the air bed inflated, we fell into bed with big plans for the next few days, shopping for more cozy furniture to find that fits into small spaces.

I know ya’ll are familiar with the phrase shop until you drop, well, we did. Most furniture stores are trying to sell the big oversized articles that seem to devour you when you sit in it. We do not have the space for that type so hello Ikea – they specialize in furnishing for small spaces. My cousin and hubby stopped by and he innocently said, who would ever furnish their home with stuff from Ikea – Barb raised her hand! Hey, it fits and it is comfortable, nothing more to say.

So, a day here, a day there and soon we start to see our space filling up with furnishings. We also learn more about the area we live in and where more shops are to fulfill our needs. The paper construction blinds we used to provide some privacy didn’t quite meet our needs now that we are living in the house so draperies are on the list. Barb finds some ‘ready made’ drapes that suits her and with a little work, she is able to make them fit perfectly.

CRACK! What the hell? As I rolled out of the airbed – one on a
frame so we were up at normal height – one of the cross pieces broke and if we continued to use it, threatened to puncture the air mattress so now we are in a critical need for a real bed. We use a Sleep Number mattress n the rig and were hoping to do the same here but it does not work logistically - no retail in Ontario so we’re faced with using a regular mattress. One of the ‘shop til you drop’ days, we found a mattress shop and stopped in to just take a look – well, we left there owning a new bed that will be delivered AND set up in a couple of days. And none too soon either, the day of delivery, another cross piece broke as I was rolling this bag of bones off the air bed!

Have you tried to live out of a bin and/or a suitcase for any time? We need somewhere to put our clothes, we need drawers but not the big heavy looking units that the furniture shops peddle. We found what we wanted with some assembly required so I’m sure you’ll know where we got’em.

Now that we basically have places to put our butts and somewhere to sleep,
we focus on the spare room – or shall I say Barb’s room of creativity. We need to use this space for double purposes, firstly as a space for Barb to create and secondly for guests to be comfortable in a spare bedroom. Again, Barb had a plan and we were able to fulfill her needs at
Ikea and a lumber shop. So, we have a spare bed and a desk for her machine and computer and by placing a interior door across the bed side, she has a work table for her fabric creations.
Now that we have the mood setting thing, a TV is essential. It is mounted right over the fireplace and look ma, no wires!
 Now, I think we have done and said enough for now so we’re off to see Corrie and family on Easter Sunday and look at the weather that excited us so much to drive to Toronto in!

 Not sure how many of you followed our adventures of last year and the challenges we faced with this renovation but here is a shot of where we were about this time last year…..

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  1. ha am I first ,,yesss I am wow ..lol so great to have seen you guys earlier and hoping we can meet for lunch in the near future..maybe take you up on the first of many lunches with the posse from L.A.. sounds good to all of us here.. ok back to the gnomes of fort erie and the little house of little furniture ..hope I fit in lol ,,hugs and ttyl