Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Slow but Steady

1406213 Jun 22 My Sept Oct Pillow Cases FinishedI know it is hard for some of you to believe but on Sunday, we took another day off. When we take time off to recharge our batteries, we usually discuss issues with the house or plans for the house or what we’re going to smoke into the next day. It also gives Barb an opportunity to do some quilting or other crafty activity. Me, well I just try to stay out of trouble.

A neighbour set out 3 doors at the curb on Saturday and we talked about whether we should or need to pick them over. Common sense won over and we sauntered over to have a look see. Well, the door jamb on our garage had a broken tread so maybe – well, it also had a full length French steel door that just happened to open the same way our back door did so wh1406222 Jun 22 Robin Comes To See Baby Robinsat do you think – yes, we picked it up and took it home!

We have another set of Robins – or maybe the same one with new babies again – nesting on the wall of our garage. Barb got some great shots of the kids from when they had a film over their eyes to the day they left the nest. Boy, they grew up quickly, it must been over 7 or 8 days. Now, 2 weeks later we don’t see them and they don’t write or call – not much different from human kids today!

Now all nature watching is over, back to work – we are still waiting for HVAC & the permit so we find the little jobs to do. Now that we have a ‘new’ door, it is an easy change – pull the pins, take off the ‘old’ door and put the ‘new’ one on and re-insert the pins. Crap, the door sweep is damaged so we’ll have to get a new one – you just can’t get a quality door at the curb anymore…. Now, the plan is to remove the old frame from the garage and re-install the ‘new’ frame and put our ‘old’ door on and put the garage door out to the curb. Remember the onion? Well, the ‘new’ jamb swings the other way on the garage so we’ll put that job in the back burner as we will have to re-build the RSO for the door.

1406227 Jun 24 Off Comes A BoardThe windows had large white frames on them and since we have been moving and rebuilding the windows, we decided that we do not want the large white frames and will look into a more modern way of capping the windows off. So, off comes the old wide frames on the windows we didn’t touch. It was a job only I could do because of all the spiders that were sent scurrying when I started ripping off the 1406234 Jun 26 Removing The Old Kitchen Windowwood frames!

Lastly, we re-built the window for the bathroom. I did the de-construction while Barb cleaned the window edges, removing 5 pounds of 1406235 Jun 26 Barb Removing Foam From Windowcaulking, another pound of foam and all the cooking crud from the previous owner! Yeach it was awful! By the end of the day, we had the window back in place, built to code and clean!

Friday, we are off to Terri & Mark’s cabin for some R&R. We happen to fall into a Joann’s fabrics on the way, browsed through Home Depot for some ideas and met up Terri & Mark.1406247 Jun 28 Breakfast In The Sun It was great to kick back and not have to think about what was next – oh, except which beer to try this time. It was a relaxing few days but all too soon we were heading back with still no word from the town and our permit or from the HVAC guys.

We are having Nathaniel, our grandson stay with us for a few days and we look forward to that. So, all is good here and hoping you are doing great where ever you are….


1406251 Jun 28 Relaxing After Lunch


1406243 Jun 27 Moth At Cabin

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  1. work is so overrated lol relax and recharge thy self's.. ok good read as always ..hugs and ttyl