Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Reno Begins

1404137 Apr 19 Barb Removes Cedar Trees From PropertyWe arrived back in Ontario on Apr 17th, a little early because we are both excited to get going on the ‘hobby house’ reno project. We decided to park in Terri’s driveway until we get the RV site prepped at the house. It is a bit of a commute – 90 minutes one way so that gives us incentive to get the move the rig.

On the weekend, Barb, Terri, Mark & I drove down the house and smoked into gutting the house and getting water, sewer and electricity available. We had a few challenges but after some ‘MacGyvering’, all is good and we hope to move our rig on Thursday, depending on the weather. The front ‘porch’ of the house was really just a deck and had heaved over a winter and we couldn’t open the front door so it had to go. As Mark & I were setting up the EWS, Barb & Terri were taking the deck boards off the porch so we could unbolt it from the house and move it to the side. The builder of the deck must have been paid by the screw – there were hundreds taken out. Once all the dec1404146 Apr 20 Terry Terri Bag Insulationk boards were off, we could see he used 24 4 inch lag screws to hold the deck to the house – he didn’t want it to blow away! We still couldn’t move the frame and once we took the sledge hammer to it, we saw why – more 3 inch wood screws, some hidden behind the joist hangers. Finally, the deck frame is clear from the house and we’ll wait until the weekend to move it – our kids are coming up and with all that manpower, we can move anything!

We started to remove the ceilings to get at the insulation – what a messy itchy job that was! We tried various methods to capture the insulation as it was pulled out of the ceiling to avoid a big mess but to no avail so it all went on the floor. Fibre and fluff filled 1404147 Apr 20 Insulation Comes Falling Downthe air so much that we thought Barb’s camera had a lot of dust in the lens of some shots but all it was, was the fibre in the air caught 1404151 Apr 20 The Tailgate Lunch Gangby the flash of the camera. We had masks on but we still had to go outside for fresh air. It was an action packed day and the cold ones were a perfect treat at the end of the day.



1404156 Apr 20 Ceilings In Front Of House

We ordered a dumpster for all the old drywall and insulation from the house. You can see from the pictures that we had lots of garbage so Barb & I went down during the week to ‘clean up’! It took us all day to move the stuff from the house and into the dumpster. We also put the finishing touches on the EWS for our rig.

Moving day was a beautiful sunny day. We took 1404161 Apr 24 Rigsby Moves To Fort Eriea couple sheets of 1/2 inch plywood from Mark & Terri’s, cut them lengthwise and planned to use them under the wheels to aid us in getting the rig onto the back yard without getting stuck. Even with a few dry days, our yard is wet and we’re a little apprehensive that our plan is going to work.

The street is a little narrow and with garbage day, the turning was tight but we get the rig on line and Barb gets the 2’ x 8’ sheets lined up perfectly and we roll back. As soon as the rig is about to roll off the first sheet, Barb gets the second set lined up. I got out 1404163 Apr 25 Terry Installing Our Sewerof the truck to help out but Barb had them all lined up by the time I got to the back – I’m a lucky man! We soon were in and using the ply1404166 Apr 25 Pull That Nail Barbwood to under pin the jacks so they didn’t disappear into the lawn. The sewer connection wasn’t going to work they way I left it so after more planning, off we go to pick up more ABS and finished the job.





1404173 Apr 26 Our First Luncheon At The HouseOn Apr 26th, Dawn, Corrie, Mark and kids came 1404174 Apr 26 John Di Join Us For Lunchup to visit and we had our first family lunch in the ‘new house’! We also took advantage of all the man power and got more work done. John & Di dropped by for a surprise visit too. We had a house full on a nasty, wet and cold Saturday.



1404176 Apr 26 Avoiding The Muddy Ground1404180 Apr 26 Moving Deck To Side Lawn










We’re tired and sore but sleep great at night. Hoping all is good where you are. Our winter home at the Plantation was severely flooded out with many of the home owners affected. It was the worst flood since recent memory and our thoughts and wishes are with our many friends in LA.


1404226 Apr 30 Plantation Rains Al Janet's Place

1404229 Apr 30 Plantation Rains Dick Marcias Rig From Siena

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  1. so glad to see the l a home stead is above water ,but I see the pics of the fish house is very wet..glad to see the place in prep stage and will get done again for further advancement in the rehab stage ..good luck and ttyl and great big hugs ..good to see the kids again ..