Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

We’ve Got Georgia on Our Minds

Sorry for being such a slacker on getting this post up but….. yeah, I know there is no excuses but really, we have been busy living our life and it is a good one.

When are you head’n north? - that’s the usual first sentence when a group of us 1404002 Apr 02 Shop Hop To Block TherapyPlantationers get together. Many fellow RVers are heading back to their summer spots, be it a home or another campground this time of the year and we’re no exception. Time zips by way too fast – it seems we have just arrived down here and got set up and now we’re talking and planning about going north. The activities here at the Plantation have slowed to a crawl. The Sunday Ice Cream Social is still busy and of course the ladies find ways to be together – whether it’s a luncheon or a shop hop for more fabric.

1403156 Mar 30 Barb Waterproofing DeckThe yard work even has to be done in the south in winter. Since we have a wooden deck, we need to protect it from the summer sun down here. I accidently spilled some bleach on the deck doing something else and noticed how nice the deck ‘cleaned’ up so I took an old vehicle wash brush, a bucket and bleach and ‘swabbed’ the deck to clean all the black and grey off. It turned out better than 1404005 Apr 02 Terry Takes Dead Branches Off Sagosexpected so then we used a roller and smothered it with a sealant. Now when it rains, the water beads nicely instead of soaking in. We also had to trim our Sago Palms to remove the dead fronds caused by the ice storm in January. I tried to get by without cutting the lawn but the warm weather just pushed the grass and weeds out of the ground so I had to do it. Oh the woes of having a dedicated site!

1403157 Mar 31 Big Daddys With Larry And MartiAs the season draws to a close, we eat out more often. To name a few, we had cherry pie for happy hour at Larry & Marti’s, dinner at Ann & Bill’s, a Mexican lunch out and a last lunch at one of our favs, Big Daddy’s Grill. The ladies went to a quilt sh1404097 Apr 11 A Table Of Six Good Buddiesow in Pensacola so the guys broke down and met them at McGuires for lunch! What a final couple of weeks and yes, I am a little bigger for it!


Here are some pictures of the quilts that inspired the ladies:


1404063 Apr 11 More Route 661404067 Apr 11 Leaf Pressing Wall Hanging1404078 Apr 11 A Quilt Guild Project Scene 1







1404001Apr 01 Terry Love Sheriff Sign

It seems that a local election is coming up and while Barb & I were out and about, we saw this sign. This guy is a shoe in for sheriff, with a name like this, he can’t miss!

Our departure was Apr 12th and several of our buds came by to wish us well – I know they only came by to make sure we actually did leave! And we’re off to visit with Lydia for a few days but we did not realize this was Masters weekend and we just had to get to a Walmart by 3PM so we could watch at least part of the third round. We have celebrated The Masters since the mid 80’s and not about to stop now. We knew we would be at Lydia’s for the final round.

Lydia arranged a parking place for us to leave the rig for the few days we were with her. We pulled in there late in the morning on Apr 13th, called Lydia and she met us and announced, hey we’re going to the golf club for lunch! It was great seeing her again and we looked forward to the few days we were there. After lunch, we settled in front of her TV for the final round, a few beverages, some snacks and good entertainment. Not that we need to eat more but if you know Lydia, you do not go hungry.

1404120 Apr 15 Lydia Gives Back So Barb Can Sign Sheet1404123 Apr 15 Lydia Puts Cache BackWe had a wonderful time with Lydia and could have stayed longer but our ‘hobby house’ was calling us. On the cool and windy Tuesday, we took Lydia on a Geocache adventure and found 4 of 6. Before we left the plantation, we ‘cached’ a couple of times and found a travel bug. The ‘owners’ were full timers so we felt committed to give this bug a trip so we left it at 1404115 Apr 15 Terry Shows Lydia The Hiding Placeone of the caches we found with Lydia.

Wednesday AM, we stopped at Roland’s tire to check a slow leaking tire before we hitched up. The tech read the work order incorrectly and broke down the wrong tire, cleaned the rim bead and replaced the valve stem then he had to do it again to the correct tire! No hole or leak was found but all good with both tires and all this for $15.00! Off to Walmart for some wine to import but they had just completed a software up date and their system would not accept our Canadian debit card – this could be a real problem next year! Back to the storage and connect and head’n north.

Wow, I75 was rougher than we remembered it to be. This leads me to thinking about the abuse that we put our tires through. They have to be the most important part of our vehicles – they connect us to the road and get us to where we’re going safely. I’m really glad now that the tire place took the time to break down the tire and rim to ensure everything was ok even though the tech did not see a leak.

Our next blog entry should have some info on our progress on the hobby house so stay tuned….

1404022 Apr 04 Our Wisteria In Full Bloom

1404055 Apr 10 Our Azaela In Bloom

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  1. well even if I only create a few words ,you know we still read all your blogs ..especially the ice cream related ones ..god no matter if it does not get warm down there its still better than the three feet or more of snow here ,and the minus temps ..oh ttly and hugs .