Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Slower Week

1405226 May 18 Baby Robin With Mommy RobinBarb & I took Sunday off, Barb was able to do some quilting and me, well I just hung out and got some restful down time. We watched a family of Robins flitting around our mounds of muck filling themselves with discovered delicacies. We need1405234 May 19 Terry Adding Gravel To Trenched the time off, we were both exhausted from the renovations so far. The trenching was unplanned and set us back in our timeline and it is hard not to play catch up.



1405237 May 19 Gravel In Around HouseOn Monday, we finish the backfilling of gravel and made an attempt to remove some of the muck and mire sitting around1405238 May 19 Tractor Leaving Our Property. Without the proper equipment, it was futile and after an hour or so, we called it a day and said farewell to the mini backhoe. Terri & Mark stopped again to help out. This time, we removed the low ceiling joists in the front part of the house, removed all the nails and re-used the joists to raise the ceiling up to 8 feet. With the vaulted ceiling on the centre and 8 foot ceilings in the front – wow, does that ever open it up! It is sooooo much more fun when we’re constructing instead of de-constructing. After a beverage and a little personal clean up, we took off for dinner to ‘He’s Not Here’, a great place for wings or burgers and of course, a cool one too! They have an outdoor patio that over looks the Niagara River – it’s not Big Daddy’s works for us as a replacement.

1405242 May 19 Taking Down The Centre Wall1405245 May 19 Terri Barb Cutting New Rafters1405247 May 19 All Work No Play Isn't Fun Thanks Terri






  Not too much was accomplished on Tuesday. We fused around with the wires for the sump pump, 1405249 May 20 Terry Digging Indoor Trenchchiselled a hole under the foundation and dug a trench inside the crawl space so we could place a weeping tile and gravel to help keep the basement/crawl space drier. Yes, the trench and the hole 1405250 May 20 Barb Mushing Down The Muckunder the foundation lined up and water was able to drain from inside out to the perimeter trench and down to the sump pump. At the end of the day, we also poured our concrete footing for support of the beam in the back of the house. These activities will not be apparent at the end of the project but necessary.


1405251 May 20 Barb Making Drainage Piping

1405252 May 20 Terry Adding Gravel

1405254 May 20 Terry Mixing Cement For Beam Support









1405256 May 21 Barb Drilling In ScrewsWednesday was a little more productive visually. Barb & I installed the collar 1405258 May 21 Terry Installing The Collar Tiesties on the vaulted ceiling and joist blocking in the newly raised ceiling in the front part. We also removed 3 windows of the sunroom where the laundry and closet will be located. The windows will be re-used in the east wall of the bedroom. You may think it a little early but our activities are moving us to getting some of the spray foam insulation done.



1405262 May 21 Barb Cutting Wood For Sunroom

1405274 May 23 Terry Removing Water To Fix Long Time LeakThursday was a slow day for us. Our water main has been leaking and we have tried to have our local plumber come by to let us know what we can do since it was on the city side (before the water meter) of the service. We also want to move the water meter and shut off into the ‘warm side’ of the house so it won’t freeze up in the future. We think that this leak has be leaking for a long long time and could possibly be a major contributor to the wetness in the crawl space. Did you know that cement takes longer to dry than paint? We have to wait for the concrete before we can do more with the beam support and hanging floor joists.


So on this rainy Friday morning, we’re off shopping for the plumbing supplies to fix the 1405275 May 23 Water Meter Brought Up From Crawlspaceleaky water main. Since the city water valve does not shut off the water 100% and you can not solder pipe with water in it, we have to use the more expensive Sharkbite fittings for the repairs. I have to borrow a water main shutoff wrench from our friendly local plumber so have to wait until he is done for the day before we can start work. More digging to expose more of the work area keeps me busy for part of the afternoon. We finally have the water off and Barb & I remove, clean and reroute our water line so it is more accessible in the future and hopefully will not freeze in the winter.

We were lucky enough that a previous owner left us the old wooden garage doors leaning up against the back of the garage! We thought we could just carry them out to the bin and drop them in – wrong! 1405283 May 24 Terry Dumpster DivingThey are way to heavy and need to be cut into smaller, more manageable pieces so that is our first task on Saturday – the bin is close to being full so we’ve got to get them in soon. As I am running the circular saw through the doors, I smell that earthy smell of cedar – these doors are solid cedar and a shame that they were not maintained. They would have been a beautiful door in their day but way to far gone now to be restored.



1405279 May 24 Lifting Old Hardwood FlooringBack in the house, we are starting to remove the old 1405282 May 24 Crawlspace Exposed All Is Goodhardwood in the centre of the house and cut the subfloor 2 feet from the edge so we can inspect the rim joists for rot and sturdiness. We are surprised by 2 things: no standing water and the rim joist look fine, as do the beam supports in the centre so now we do not have to take up this part of the floor – halleluiah! It’s early afternoon now and we decide to take the rest of the day off, hit the beer store and take a walk down to the Niagara River and enjoy our surroundings for the first time.

In a few blocks, we are on the Friendship Trail, overlooking the Niagara River and some very nice 1405284 May 24 Terry With The Buffalo Skylinewater front properties. Now, we did not walk all 17Kms of the trail here in Fort Erie but we did manage to get out of the reno mode and enjoy our adventure. And yes John, we did manage to find a place to pick up an ice cream!

I think that is all for this week. We’ll leave you with a picture of a bloom from our magnolia tree back at the Plantation thanks to Ann & Bill for taking it and sending it to us. We hope all is good where you are….

1405610 May 19 A Beautiful Blossom

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