Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Quiet Times–not

1307142 July 26 Arriving At Terris

With the USA gang off, we are on our way into Toronto to do some dog sitting – yes, our 4 legged g1307146 July 28 Barb Scrubbing Roman Shade Liningrandchild Kasey. Terri & Mark are off to Chicago for a weekend away to celebrate their 6 year wedding anniversary and we offered to dog sit – we had an ulterior motive. We wanted to wash our draperies and the roman shades in the rig, a big job that took 2 days. We were able to get them washed and thanks to dry weather, hung under their gazebo to dry.



1307145 July 28 Dr Who Ten

1307143 July 27 Barb Cutting Lawn



This also gave us some time to kick back and relax, Barb working on her hand embroidery, 1307144 July 27 Terry Enjoying The Patiofinding time to cut the lawn and me holding down a patio chair. While we were in town, we took the opportunity to help Corrie do some wiring 1307147 July 29 Terry Wiring Corries Basementchanges in her basement. We’ll do almost anything for a free meal! Our last night at Terri’s, Kasey and us were entertained by a family of raccoons 1307149 July 29 Barb Adds Switchwalking along their fence.1307150 July 29 Raccoon On Fence From Diningroom Window






1308005 Aug 01 Laura Knowles Course April BlockWhile we waited for the drapes to wash or dry, Barb utilized their high speed internet and took a couple of quilting courses. Always planning – she is too organized, she needed to learn to cut/sew circles for an upcoming project so that wa1307152 July 31 Rigsby Back Home At Olympia Villages one of the lessons she took online.

We arrived back at the campground, got set up and then were off to Terri’s cabin in Western New York for the long weekend. They were kind enough to put up with us again so soon. We asked to visit with them as this park is too noisy on the long weekends with loud music and people – not pleasant after 11PM at night. This is a family campground with a few seniors but all the activities (parties) are geared for the weekenders. We try to make ourselves scarce when the long weekends come around and Terri’s cabin is a good spot to go.

1308013 Aug 04 Terri Throwing The LogsWith extra hands around, Mark wanted to collect 1308015 Aug 04 Terri Barb On ATVsome firewood, so up their small mountain we go to cut, stack and trailer back to the cabin to stack again. Thank goodness for chainsaws, ATVs and a trailer. The first time up the small mountain was good but the second time, the mountain is bigger! As a reward to ourselves for making it back down, we played a round of golf and had a great time but did not expect to move too quickly the next morning!

1308026 Aug 04 Terry On The Tee1308035 Aug 05 Barb Doing Her Needlepoint






1308043 Aug 05 Terri Climbing Over LogOn our way home on Monday, we stopped to 1308045 Aug 05 Dragonfly In Summit Cemeterypick up a few caches in Ellicottville. We picked 4 to find, hoping to give Terri & Mark a first hand experience in our new little hobby. It took us 20 minutes or so to find the first one around the town Library. We all searched high and low and were almost ready to give up but after carefully reading the clues, we scooped it up. If you were only 3 foot high, it would have been an easy find.  We continued on to the second one. We were not as lucky and did not find the second or third cache that we had picked – maybe when the foliage clears in the fall we’ll try again. 1308048 Aug 05 Found Cache In Holy CrossThe fourth was also a bit tricky but due to my watchful eye, we found it right where we were looking. The GPS took us right to the location but we could not find the cache. We all looked around the location, moved the rocks and checked all the bushes that were in a 50 foot radius but no cache. As I was walking back to the location where we had all scoured, I noticed that the orange reflector only had 1 nail holding it down. I walked up and moved the reflector aside and 1308049 Aug 05 Dinner At Pearl Street Grillvoila, there, in a hole drilled in the post was our elusive cache! We all had a good laugh at this. We followed Terri & Mark to the Pearl Street Grill, a brew pub in Buffalo for dinner and to wait out the long lines at the border. We didn’t wait long enough, the crossing took more than an hour due to the volume of Canadians returning home. By the time we got back to the campground, all the dust had settled from the busy weekend and all was back to our normal quietness.

We hope all is well out there with you, where ever you are.

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  1. too busy you guys ,,but you do do good work ,looked like habitat for humanity for a minute lol.great spot in new york state ,,nice to be able to help out ..ok see you guys soon and ttyl and big huggs