Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Slowing Down

One of the last crafting events was a beautiful beading item 1304003 Apr 01 Everyone Busy Threadingthat was well attended by many ladies. The pendant is very attractive and Barb couldn’t resist joining the class. It is also that time of the year to finish up some of her projects that she has been plucking away at throughout the season. Along with these items, Barb has also been coaching another lady with her first time quilt that she sort of started in 1980ish. Marti created some needle point ‘squares’ that they turned into a full size quilt. Busy busy, but you know….


1304004 Apr 03 Barb Makes Bag To Match Jacket

1304005 Apr 03 Barb Finishes Pinwheel Quilt

1304051 Apr 12 Carol Doak Quilt Top Finished







1304064 Apr 16 Martis Finished Quilt


Marti’s wonderful quilt.


It is hard to believe that this winter season at the Plantation in LA (Lower Alabama) is coming to an end. At each social activity or gathering, that seems to be the most talked about topic – when are you heading north or what are your plans to go north etc. As I write this, the park is very quiet and all activities have come to an end. Oh, there are still some ladies that are in the club house sewing or creating some other form of art work but the organized group things are done. The major items that are still going on are the fair well lunches, dinners and eating extravaganzas!




1304023 Apr 08 Setting Up Our ChairsWe joined a bunch for a day at the beach and oh, lunch! Go figure….1304026 Apr 08 The Water Is Rough Today The day at the beach was very quiet after the March breakers had gone back to school so we had the beach to ourselves. Watching the waves roll ashore, the shore birds pecking for food and the kite boarders zipping up and down the shore line, it was pretty relaxing after such a busy season. We packed some snacks, beverages and more snacks! Wow, when I climb into the truck to come home, I am sure to push the GVWR over the limit! After our relaxed sit on the 1304032 Apr 08 Flounders For Lunchbeach, watching the pleasure craft float by, we gathered ourselves up and headed for lunch – yes, more to eat.

We ended up at Flounders Chowder House which 1304038 Apr 08 Dick Gets His Onion Rings1304039 Apr 08 Wow Look At The Shrimp Boatswas surprisingly not busy so we had lots of choices of seating. Large Margaritas for the ladies and some of the guys and of course, a beer for me. The menu had everything for anyone and soon the over loaded plates were set in front of us and we chowed down once more. Whew, it was a good thing that there was a wheel barrow handy to get me back to the car!

After Barb & I got back to the rig, we put our chairs in the shade of our Magnolia tree and sat and pondered how lucky we are to be in this lifestyle, the friend’s we’ve made and the site we have here at The Plantation . Life is good for us.

We had an impromptu fabric shop to one of the ladies favourite fabric shop in Gautier Mississippi – a drive well worth it for both the ladies and Bill & I – we went to The Shed for lunch and dollar draft after Barb & Ann shopped for what they ‘needed’. We had a happy hour with our neighbours, took in the Loxley strawberry festival with Bill & Ann.

Bill & Ann found The Compleat Angler, it had a b1304070 Apr 16 Bill Ann Terry Barb At Tableig deck that looks west over Mobile Bay so we just had to go there before we left for the season. The sunset provided us with a nice view almost on queue and the food was delicious – another great find.1304073 Apr 16 End Of Sunset

There are some activities that we just had to attend in the final days at the Plantation. There is a diner in Elberta – The Road Kill Cafe – that normally 1304075 Apr 17 Supper At Roadkill Cafeopens at 11AM and closes by 1PM because they are out of food to serve. So, our park manager arranges for a special evening meal and the Cafe op1304066 Apr 16 Stacey Shows Jan Hip Braceens only for us. It was a little later than usual this year and about 70 attended but the fried chicken and ham were delicious. Last year we followed the instructions and the doors opened at 5PM AND we had to wait for a table, so this year we were there by 4:30! Oh, did I mention it is all you can eat for $8.50?


1304097 Apr 21 Baldwin Pops Getting Ready To PlayAnother ‘out of the park’ event is the annual Baldwin Pops outdoor concert at the Bayside Park in Daphne. It is a ‘take your lawn chair’ type of event and many people attend. We had a sizable walk from our parking spot to the concert but it was well worth the 1304101 Apr 21 Were We Are Sittinginconvenience. The concert finished just at sunset and the view was spectacular. We sat beside a sign but did not pay attention to it until a lady came up to it to take a picture. Curiosity got the better of us and we had to look to see what was worth the picture – you be the judge.

1304106 Apr 21 Sunsets On The Concert






1304112 Apr 22 Last Meal At Big Daddys

It would not be complete without one last lunch at Big Daddy’s. There is something to be said for sitting on the deck beside the Fish River with good friends having lunch and sipping a cool one!

Well, our days here at the Plantation are drawing to a close and as usual, we are of conflicting feelings – happy to be getting back on the road but sad because we are leaving this wonderful piece of paradise. We are happy to be on the road because after all, our home has wheels and that is why we started this in the first place. We also have some exciting plans for the trip home.

We hope you come back to read more of our adventures and we would like to see more comments (besides John’s). We hope all is good out there for you….


  1. When I saw the Compleat Angler comment, I got excited that I had converted one of Terry or Barb into taking up fly fishing. No such luck. Just another place to eat ; ) As for Elberta's Road Kill Cafe, if they are running out of food by 1PM, that would only be because all your trucks are off the road - vastly reducing their supply at the same time as vastly increasing their consumption.
    Looks like a great end to the season.
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  2. lol mark ..great deductive powers ...another good blog ,,always entertaining as usual..cant wait for Holland and the gang together ..ok see u guys on tues ...ttyl and huggs ..oh and its our turn for food ..skp lunch in London today..

  3. Diane S from Foley ALMay 15, 2013 at 8:50 PM

    Love the "Beware of" sign!!