Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Heading Northward

1304119 Apr 23 The Little White HouseWe have left the fun and frivolity behind as we leave the Plantation for another winter season – Not! On our way north, we decided to stop off at 1304122 Apr 23 The LivingroomFDR’s Little White House in Warm Springs, GA. It was a little out of our way but isn’t that why we have wheels on our home? Anyway, our GPS took us the shortest route seemed like the long way but it was a pretty drive. The route from exit 2 on I85 took us through winding roads, past lakes and ponds and over the hills of south west Georgia. The ‘park’ was not hard to find and lots of room for RV parking. We got there late in the afternoon and only had an hour to spare 1304144 Apr 23 Dogwood In Bloombefore closing but with our roller blades on, we were able to see most of the estate. The cottage was small looking from the outside but seemed larger than expected when we were inside. It was cozy and serene with the back deck overlooking the woods. It certainly would have been a little piece of heaven back in the day – too many people around now!

Now a short drive to the Walmart at Newnan, GA for the night. Again, the GPS took us the scenic route (also the truck route) but the interstate would have been quicker but we got there anyway. We know we could have made it to Jim & Lydia’s campground of course it would have been against one of our little rules about arriving late.

Up and at’em and on our way at the crack of 9ish, we didn’t want to tangle with 1304154 Apr 25 Atlanta Merietta RV Signthe rush hour in Atlanta. We arrived at their campground (Atlanta-Marietta RV Resort) before our reserved site was vacant so we had to wait. The entry sign sure covers many languages. As we pulled in we could see Jim & Lydia’s rig and truck parked so we thought since we have to wait a bit, let’s make ourselves known and say hello. We took a few minutes to pull our rig to the side so we 1304145 Apr 24 Parked In Our Sitewouldn’t block the road and then walked over to their place – knock knock…. no answer and their truck is now gone! Hummm a message being sent? Our site comes available and we get set up and settled. We expected to hear Jim & Lydia knocking on our door when they drove past – they had to to get to their site, but nothing so we keep an eye out for them 1304146 Apr 24 Down Road To Jim & Lydiato pass. Don’t know how they did it but they snuck past us so we hoofed it down to their site with hugs all around. We laughed that they did not notice our little unit parked in the campground, not 150 feet from their site! What’s the saying, you can’t see the forest for the trees….

1304149 Apr 24 Flowers On Vine By RigsbyWe had an enjoyable time visiting Jim & Lydia and met Fred & Jo, their friends they made during their volunteer stints with The Cradle of Forestry in N. Carolina. Lydia being the hostess extraordinaire had plans for the week. We had dinner at Fred & Jo`s on our arrival, dinner at Jim & Lydia’s on Thursday. On Friday we toured the Kennesaw Mountain Civil War site. We all managed to squeeze into Jim & Lydia’s Expedition for the short ride to Kennesaw National Park. Next, we toured the museum and then drove near the top but left us a little hike to reach the summit of the mountain. Whew, all the eating and drinking this past week has left it’s mark!

1304196 Apr 27 Barb Serves DinnerSaturday we all wandered somewhat aimlessly around the farmers market in the square in Marietta. We offered to have dinner at our1304176 Apr 26 Barb On The Path place on Saturday. Fred & Jo were leaving on Monday so we decided to go to the Longhorn Steakhouse for a celebratory farewell dinner on Sunday. Jim was a little under the weather – completely understandable – so he decided to stay home. We said our farewells with Fred & Jo Monday morning. Sunday was our 46th wedding anniversary and if you recall our experience last year, we did not have a good time celebrating our 45th in Chanute, KS! This year, we were with friends and Jim & Lydia’s anniversary was Apr 25th so we celebrated a few time – the six of us made sure the 2 bottles of champagne were seriously damaged, I’m sure we toasted at each happy hour and Barb & I exchanged our cards in Walmart!1304165 Apr 26 Barb Gets Her Anniversary Card1304166 Apr 26 Terry Gets His Anniversary Card


1304208 Apr 29 Lydia Jim Barb Terry In Front Of Truck CompWe decided that a late lunch at the Red Eyed Mule – one of Marietta’s best burger joints – and a light dinner would work best for us. All this eating – we had a happy hour complete with nibbles and beverages every day then a big meal, wow, just roll me home!

After our warm goodbyes with Jim & Lydia, we were back on the road to Escapees Raccoon Valley campground. We have planned to meet up with Bill & Ann and Barb & Dan there. The drive northward was easy and uneventful. The truck traffic is horrendous but we make it without incident.

Hope all is well where ever you are….


  1. It was great getting to meet you guys and spending a fun few days together. Hope we can meet up again down the road.
    Travel safe.

  2. wow i am getting slow ,,second again ,,anywho good to read some more good blogs and we are getting closer to seeing the rolling food factory ourselves lol...will catch up on all the news soon ..like tues cant get here fasyt enough ,,ok huggs and ttyl

  3. How come as soon as you guys get back it turns cold? Looking forward to seeing your mother's day photos on your blog! LOL

  4. Diane S in Foley, ALMay 15, 2013 at 8:54 PM

    Miss you guys!