Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Raccoon Running Wild

1304212 Apr 30 Pulling Into Our SiteIn our last posting, we were on our way to Raccoon Valley for a stop over to meet up with Dan & Barb and Ann & Bill. It will be like an ole homecoming. As we rolled onto our site, Barb came over to greet us – it’s great to have a warm welcome when you arrive, it’s always nice when you come into an Escapees Park but so much better when friends take time out to also welcome us in.

We’re all set up now at Raccoon Valley and expecting Ann & Bill to arrive soon then we can greet them – see how it works? Anyway, they get 1304214 Apr 30 Dinner At Ruby Tuesdaysin and set up but no one is eager to cook so off we go out for dinner. Too much fun, this can not be legal without paying some sort of tax! Unfortunately for us, Ann & Bill are back on the road the next morning, meandering their way back to NW New York for the summer.

1305010 May 02 Terry Signing To Get Into The Manhattan ProjectBarb & I have procrastinated long enough, the number of times we have stayed here, we keep ‘talking’ about touring the American Museum of Science & Energy in Oak Ridge or should I say the ‘Secret City’ where they processed weapons-grade uranium-235 for the A Bomb or maybe better known as the 1305016 May 02 Barb Working Robotic ArmManhattan Project. It was a chilling tour. There were enough ‘toys’ to play with that demonstrates the kind of tools that were used. Also some neat ‘sciencey’ things that awed us. Here is one of the houses that was built for worker accommodations1305019 May 02 Original Flat Top House. This house was an original that was used by relatives as a summer home then was donated back to the museum. It’s scary to know what was done and what is still out there, waiting!

We spent some great time with Dan & Barb, had happy hours and meals with them, chit chatted and generally enjoyed our time at Raccoon 1305026 May 02 Dinner Is ServedValley. Of course, Barb & Barb just had to get some more quilting stuff so off on a Knoxville shop hop! Too much fun.

One of the times here, we found the Sweetwater Valley Cheese Farm and had to make Another a run for their delicious Corn Cob Jelly. As we pull into the Cheese Farm, we see a Barn Quilt on the end of their event centre. It’s crazy that these little wonders are probably missed by the un-initiated.

After farewells with Barb & Dan, we continue our journey to the Tulip Fest in Holland, Mi., we stayed at Walmart in Wapakoneta, Ohio as overnight in Walmarts are not allowed in Indiana so it made our trip a little longer but hey. As we were clearing Lexington, we came upon a 3 car wreck. It must have just happened so our delay was minimal – I wonder if the cause had anything to do with a phone. Otherwise, our trip both days to Holland was comfortable and 1305032 May 07 Taking Your Toys With Yourelaxed. The big truck volume on I75 continues to amaze me. As we meander over to Holland Michigan, we see this ‘special’ RV heading up I196. It was kinda weird to see on the road.

1305033 May 07 Entering Holland MichiganOur entry into Holland took us right through town with the trees in full bloom and lots of tulips. As we pull into the fair grounds at Holland, we find Dick & Marcia waiting for us to arrive – that is too neat, they came from their home in Grand Rapids to welcome us to Holland. We set up on site and took off for a quick bite before our St Thomas buds arrive to join us at the Tulip Fest.

1305035 May 07 Tulips At The Corner

1305037 May 07 Parking On Our Site


I will stop here and hope you come back for more….


  1. wow boat and toad and a trailer ..wonder air brakes on motor home ..ttyl and cant wait for the next installment ..more good friends there ,,right lol..

  2. We went to that museum at Oak Ridge a couple of years ago and I've wanted to go back. Mind blowing when it sinks in just what went on there.
    As far as the car and boat being towed I guess that way is better than one behind the other but still surprising.