Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Not Much Goin’ On

It is Oct 2 and I am spinning around trying to find where the summer has gone! Time is just zipping by – is it an age thing since we turned 65? The colder temps and the turning leaves remind us that we have to get into the trip planning mode, do the doctor and dentist appointments, find a place for all the ‘stuff’ we’ve accumulated over the summer and start the cleaFirst Rocker Finally Donen up process – putting things into the nooks and crannys of our ‘basement’ storage. Whew, I’m exhausted and feel’n the stress of it all just thinking about it – better sit awhile until the feel’n goes away!

Barb working on a new garden flag for Nov 11 We are each finishing up on some of our  projects so we don’t have any UFPs (Unfinished Projects) as we travel. We are not looking forward to sitting in Chanute for a week during repairs but it is still less expensive than buying a new unit so we are trying to decide what to do while there – travel the area, take a trip to see more of Kansas etc. I guess it will depend on the weather and how curious I will be on what’s being done.

We were supposed to go golfing with neighbors here last Monday but Barb took a bee sting in her right elbow sometime on Sunday and her arm swelled Barb working on a  Free Motion Quilt Block up and hurt too much to even think about swinging a  Barb Pins Our Fall Cuddle Quilts golf club. Her elbow swelled to about the size of a tennis ball. Monday was a quiet day – no golf, no sewing machine, some napping and TV – now that;s a drastic change!

I'm using the truck for a work table with the new rocker.

1209182 Sep 22 Ali Adding Ginger To Soup We had Alex, one of our granddaughters ask to spend a weekend 1209194 Sep 22 Ali Holds Two Bows with us and we had some fun with her. Of course there was some shopping, cooking and crafts going on. Barb & Alex made a couple of Halloween ornaments and paper bows. The girls took time out to each have DIY facials and we even managed to get a short bike ride in before it rained.


1209199 Sep 23 Ali Paints Second Pumpkin 

1209204 Sep 23 Alis Pumpkins Drying In SunWe’ve had a quiet couple of weeks insofar as outings and excursions so not too much to write about here. Hoping all is good where you are and Happy Thanksgiving to all those that are celebrating this weekend.


  1. ok nice post ,thought your laptop was broke hehe..good to read ..will see you guys on monday and the train game marathon starts..c u soon ttyl huggs ..

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog and your very sweet words!! :)