Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Lots to be Thankful For

1210036 Oct 07 The Table Is Ready Again, I am a little slow in updating but I’m sure you 1210046 Oct 07 All Eating In Livingroom don’t want to read about our normal routines. But, we did have a nice Thanksgiving on Sunday. It was my brothers family’s turn to host while the rest if us brought various plates and bowls of delicious food to compliment the turkey! We were surprised by a visit from Jim and Sandy from Waskada Mb., Larry’s in-laws. We had a nice time catching up as it has been many years since we saw them last. The rest of us came from Orangeville, Toronto and Kemptville, Ontario.  We sat 23 adults and children for dinner. It was a great time.  This was our 27th Thanksgiving together, wow.  We have seen the Ellis children grow, marry and have children, what a treat watching as our next generation grows up.

1210097 Oct 12 Oven Apple Pancakes And Sausages On Thanksgiving Monday, John & Di,1210085 Oct 11 Overlooking Hamilton  Ray & Donna and Jack & Barb from St Thomas arrived here at the campground to spend a week with us. What can I say, mucho train played, some Sequence, lots to eat and drink and many, many laughs. On this trip, there was no rig repairs done – too cool to put anyone under a rig for a day like last time! Each morning, someone hosted coffee complimented with Baily’s! On Thursday, we toured around Dundas and Ancaster to view the fall colors. Of course I thought I knew where we were going but made a wrong turn for a different 1210071 Oct 10 Is It Cold Out Donna Di Barb adventure but it all worked out anyway with no one the wiser! After our ‘color tour’ we dropped into one our favorite eateries – The Royal Coachman and had an 1210091 Oct 11 Time For Lunch early dinner – hey after all, we are almost all seniors now! But it just made more fun time for Train!

On Friday, the gang descended on our rig for a hitch up breakfast and Barb & I thought would be a good time to try out a new recipe! It passed the test and all was devoured so it must have been ok! Now that they have been fed and watered, GET OUT! It was great fun again and we look forward to the next time we can all get together.

1210097 Oct 12 Oven Apple Pancakes And Sausages

 1210114 Oct 12 Ready For Touch Down Our grandson (Mack) had an early football game so we headed out to Toronto as soon as the gang left  to watch him play. He was benched for a couple of weeks suffering from a concussion but he played the whole game and they won. A few more wins and they could be in the High School finals at the Rogers Centre in November. After the game, we picked up his brother Nate and they stayed with us for the weekend. Of course you know Barb had an agenda of crafts and games set out for them while they were here.1210125 Oct 13 Mack In His Bed Alone MNW

We had to stop at the grocery store to get all their favorites for the weekend – boys seem to eat a lot!  Mack is not used to an early rise but Saturday morning, he didn’t have much choice – I am up by 7ish


 1210128 Oct 13 Adding Head And Arms MNW 1210147 Oct 13 Bumpa Sprays Ghosts MNW 1210157 Oct 14 Ghosts Are Finished MNW

making coffee. By mid morning, everyone was fed and groomed and the ghost craft was well underway. It wasn’t the best weather-wise so indoor activities were best. We did get out both Saturday & Sunday for a walk around the park (at least 2Kms) for some exercise. Any spare time was filled in with Train and Sequence. It was a fun time with the kids – a good grand parent fix before we head south.

The following week, things slowed down considerably with doctors appointments and 1210170 Oct 18 Class Finished Landscape Results various tests. Barb went to her last Landscape Quilt class and her finished piece looks great don’t you think? After, we went to the Escapee Chapter lunch here in Burlington at Tuckers Market and had a very large and good lunch and all from under $25.00! It was not a big crowd but we had fun anyway.

We have a few appointments left before we are clear to ‘take off’ but the count down has begun. I’ll try to update the blog with our last activities here this year so come again in a couple of weeks. Hope all is well wherever you are.

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  1. as usual another gr8 post ..like to read about all the activities you guys do ..hope the weather does not do much to your little site ..stay dry and warm ..ok ttyl and great big huggs