Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Making Plans

It was Grandparents Day here last Sunday so a belated Happy Grandparents Day to all Grammas and Grandpas out there!

Holy cold batman – where did the heat go? We woke this morning and were tempted to put the heat on but instead, Barb just pulled the covers up and said not to expect her until the day warmed up! I’m afraid my wardrobe will not include shorts anymore! You would think that our lives would be slowing down after all the festivities and return to normal but…..In my last post, we haBarb is checking her rear view mirrord awning problems during a fast moving storm and it was rolled up wet and had to be dried out so we gently pulled out the awning to get it dry but still have not ‘macgivered’ a way to secure it for travel but we did fix the umbrella for next year. As for the glass table, we’re thiI'm watching you kidsnking to build something out of tubular metal for a top but we’re still in the planning stages – not a big priority, the whole set was less than $100!

On Wednesday, it warmed up enough that we got  the boat wet again and the repair to the seat strap help perfectly – it was injured during our family picnic at Christi Lake. We had company watching us closely. That evening, we ventured over to Niagara Falls to go to a dinner theatre that we had booked in early August to celebrate our arrival into the 10% group. We went to ‘Oh  Oh Canada Dinner Theatre Canada  Eh’! It was a great time and we would recommend it to anyone. We were a little early so we went across the street for a cocktail while we waited for the doors to open.Time for a cool one!

Our waiter was part of the cast and they served Craig - Our Waiter us when they were not on the stage. Of course, he bribed us – we had to cheer for him and he would bring us more food! And it worked, we cheered loudly when he was up thThe Entire Cast On Stageere. The meal was excellent – soup, salad, mixed vegies, potatoes, roast beef, haddock, chicken and as our waiter called it - maple ‘squirel’ cake! It was all you could eat, served family style and when a platter emptied, it was replaced with a full one. The entertainment was excellent, a good value for your ticket purchase.




Click to surf to Description. Click to surf to the Bike Wheel description. Click to surf to decsription. We had another road trip on Friday to view some of the Elgin County Barn Quilts. It was not a nice day with the rain and wind but it did not hinder our day. We had hoped to view 11 Barn Quilts but we had some difficulty with the addresses provided – one street number was transposed and a couple of the others just were not where they were listed to be. In total, we only saw 7 of the 11. After, we visited with John & Di for some Mexican Train, dinner and more Mexican Train. We decided to stay over so we could continue with the ‘train’ into the wee hours! We had a great time, thanks John & Di.

Nuf said?I had decided to move our mail from Incredimail to Thunderbird as our email client.Work, work work.... It has been an ongoing process for the past couple of months when I had some time to sit at the PC long enough to pull everything together to enable me to make the move. Incredimail uses their own file extensions so it’s not just an easy task to save and import to another email client – it has been frustrating to say the least but I have learned lots and reclaimed some disk space (which is what started this whole process).

While Barb has been busy working on her quilt projects,  I continue installing the vinyl screw covers on the bedroom and entertainment slides. These covers sure clean up the look of the rig. I also made some progress on the new rocking chair – not having worked on one Now, do I weave over or under here??? in awhile, I have to refer to the book on the process and tips to ensure it is done correctly.

Well, that’s another week of our lives, we hope all is Can U Find The Hummingbird well where ever you are….

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  1. you know your always welcome here,BARB,oh of course terry toooo.we had a great time ,it is always over so quickly ..oh well we will see in october if my streak continues hehe.. huggs and ttyl.