Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Down and Out

Wow, in our last post all was good and we were recovering after a visit with friends and grandsons but the reprise didn’t last long! Barb & I drove over to Markham (about an hours drive through or across Toronto) for a doctors appointment. I was drugged up so couldn’t do the drive home and Barb piloted us nicely even though she had the start of an upset stomach.

Wednesday, the sun rose in a different sky for Barbie – she woke with the flu! It was a terrible bug! She was definitely and completely down and out except for the quick trips to the ‘john’! On Thursday, I came down with the little critter and was in the same state as Barb. We made a great pair, both trying to lay quietly under the covers until this thing went through our systems.

So now we’re back at the routine, we’ve batten down the hatches so we’re not chasing anything down the road when the remnants of Sandy blow through here later today. We tuned into CNN to see what’s going on and I still don’t understand why I torment myself so! I’m sure the same wave or the same gust of wind was videoed and talked about more times – it must be a a Guinness Book record! I know there was horrific disaster there but surely there were other stories of heroism and rescue that deserved more attention by the media. When we tuned into the Canadian news, all we got was the same as we got from CNN! What about the Canadian stories of the storm?

Frankenstorm Sandy Knocks Over Shed So now, all is quiet on the storm front and thankfully, none of our kids were in danger or at risk and no damage to their properties. We had nothing here, just a little rock & roll on some gusts with lots of rain but it was a non-event. It’s a sad story from the American Eastern Seaboard though.

Now that we have our health back and the storm has passed, our attention is now focused on Christmas shopping. Our family Christmas is coming up quickly and we need to hit the shops and malls to fulfill our grand children’s wish lists.

Until next time, hope all is good out there where you are….

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  1. so glad to hear that the FLU bug is gone (hopefully) ok the lunch was good and both the people that lost their other halves were there,george and his wife of 64 years doris ,,and betty was there with her daughter .. i think his name was reg?? anyways will talk soon huggs