Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

In the Service Bay

Taking the rig back to NuWa, the manufacturer has always been somewhat enjoyable in the understanding that the job will be done by someone that knows the unit. We knew we had some problems with the floor of the bedroom slide and had established some expectations. We did some research with 2 other service providers before we decided on our trip to Chanute. Both the others only wanted to remove the ‘bad’ areas and ‘patch’ in new stuff and all this without removing the slideand for the same price that was quoted by NuWa. So, it was not a difficult decision to bring it back to NuWa.

In Queue To See The Doctor 7:00 AM Monday, we are in the queue to drive into the service bay with our home. We were directed to a drive through slot and Rigsby In For Major Surgery unhook and the ‘boss’ will be right with us. On our way here, Barb & I came up with a few other ‘issues’ that we need them to look at while it is in the bay. After a short discussion and some poking, we have a list of items to be looked at. Jay is assigned our job and he starts to dismantle the slide hardware to ready it to be removed. Barb & I leave them to it with a plan to return later to watch the slide extraction. Our first task is to check into a motel for a few nights and then get some supplies for the room.

Not Looking Good Under Our Bedroom Slide When we got back to the rig, they were  Forklift In Place - Now PUSH almost ready to take out the slide. The pictures tell a better story but it was interesting none the less. Once they had the outer wrap removed, we can see how bad the floor was – we’re lucky the bed didn’t drop out on the ground! Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad but bad enough to possibly explain our breathing problems lately. We huddled with Daryl (the ‘boss’) and he told us they have seen worse and they will see if any other timber needs to The Bedroom Slide Is Outbe replaced in the walls. We head back to the motel and are  mortified and very depressed over the depth of water damage. As you know, we work diligently on upkeep and the caulking in hopes to prevent this sort of thing. Back to room to sulk and determine how much to invest.





OMG - Holy Mold!Jay Checks For Spread Of DiseasePotential Problems in the Header

Fixing The Bottom Of Slide Tuesday, I am back on site while Barb Barb Quilting In Hotel Room stayed back at the room to learn another quilting skill. They only had to replace a little timber in the sides and Jay was already replacing the inside walls. Barb & I decide on a flooring change and have NuWa use vinyl flooring instead of carpet. Jay is cutting the new floor – I didn’t know plywood came in 20ft sheets – and glues the new vinyl before it is reinstalled onto the new floor. The new rubber roof is installed and the weather seal under the floor and the slide is ready to go. With 2 guys inside and 2 guys outside, they wiggle it in off the fork lift. It doesn’t fit easily and the have to push one end into our bedroom closet until the back end clears the opening a little jockeying back and forth and soon the power drivers are whirring to fasten the slide rack down and the slide screwed to it. Once safe and secure, I hit the road back to the motel to enjoy happy hour with Barbie.

We tried another restaurant called the BenchWarmer and it was not too bad. Barb At Benchwarmers The evening was nice enough that we could sit out on the patio. After dinner, we retired to the room for another boring uncomfortable night.

Things seem to be moving slowly on our repairs but I guess when it’s all done, we’ll be more than happy with the result. Barb & I went over this morning to view the progress and like I said, seems to be moving s l o w l y! We left there and ventured to the parts store. I bought some LED running lights to replace the incandescent ones. On our way out, we tempted ourselves by walking through the new units NuWa had on the showroom floor. They were all beautiful and even one we liked but still not any nicer than ours so we kept the cheque book out of site! The modern stuff like lighting and counters and sinks are nice but….

One of the great things about getting service done, you meet some nice people along the way. We had lunch today at a Mexican Restaraunt with a couple from California who have been full timing since 2004 and love it as much as we do. We had a great time chatting and laughing at ourselves.  They were in for two slide outs and black tank repairs.  Guess we are lucky.

Rigsby Coming Home When I returned to the shop, Daryl thinks we’ll be out of there soon after lunch tomorrow so that means we will be back in our own bed tomorrow night and on the road home Friday morning. YAHOO!

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  1. this is your home and repairs are all part of the upkeep.we hope to see you guys soon ,we are coming to olympia for the four day package in july 23-26..hope you guys are there ,,ray donna jack barb and dianne and me ..let us know and that is the only time the rest have ,,di and i can get there anytime and we might do that ..ok ttyl and huggs