Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Head’n Home – Again

We're good to go!We were released from the service bay after lunch on Thursday afternoon. We decided that we would stay at the city park in Chanute until Friday AM before hitting the road for home. We did not unhook but just dropped the front jacks for a quick take off in the AM. We needed supplies so a short hike over to WalMart  for a few items to get us to the border. Whew, a few items turned into a couple of bags and it sure gave us a work out! When we got back, Barb was busy replacing all the ‘stuff’ from under the bed that we had to remove for service and I stowed the parts and stuff we bought from the NuWa parts store.

Friday AM, we headed north along 169 to I35 to Kansas City then onto St Louis. The weather was perfect with a slight southerly breeze to help us along and the traffic light until we got to St Louis MO where is became much more busy. Barb has James (the GPS) programmed for our first nights stay at the Walmart in Effingham Illinois. We’ve stayed at the Walmart in Vandalia Illinois before and knew it would be noisy with lots of semi trucks. We roll into our over night by 5PM, check in at Customer Service and we settle in for a relaxed night. Oppss…. wrongo, it was also a noisy night with lots of semi’s all around us!

Saturday AM, we were up and at’em early and cleared Indianapolis easily and soon heading north to Michigan. We planned to stop and see Dick & Marcia in Michigan as we passed through and they advised to use the Walmart at Coldwater and they will meet us there. This is one of the great benefits of this lifestyle, to be able to meet up with friends along the way!

We arrived around 4PM and called Dick & Marcia after we checked in the Customer Dick & Marcia on the left - good times again. Service and they arrived soon after. we went over the street to Appleby’s and had a wonderful time chatting and laughing over beverages and hor’ duvers! All to soon, they were on their way and Barb & I settled again for a quiet night – and it was wonderful. This is a good one for the fall coming down.

It is Saturday night and knowing there is nothing on TV, we didn’t put the dish up. Instead, we rented a movie for the Redbox at Walmart and then off to bed. We both had a good sleep and nights rest. Back on the road and looking forward to the border crossing – not. There has been a lot of construction at the bridge at Port Huron but we managed to get to the Duty Free! We lunched just east of Sarnia and Ahhhh, some down time! headed north to Lake Huron Resort for our annual visit with Larry & Judy. We will have the jacks down and the slides out for 3 nights! We can’t wait! It’s been a long drive home; we left the Plantation Apr 24th and arrived back in Canada May 6th and about 3,500 Kms later. Whew, we are tired and looking forward to putting the jacks down!

We hope all is well out there and you are gearing up to enjoy your summer.

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  1. la casa wally world ,great places ,but not cheap camping ,ok nice hearing about all the adventures you two guys have ,james is not the name i remember for ur gps???anyways glad ur home and legs down in olympia for the summer ,we WILL see u guys in june ,,probably around 11- 12 -13 -14th thereabouts ,,huggs and ttyl.