Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back to Normal or Are we in Withdrawal?

We have been keeping a keen eye on the progress the park has made on our site. Some limestone screenings have been added, top soil goes down but still waiting for fuses for electricity. It seems so slow to get the ‘little’ bit done that was supposed to have been completed before we arrived. We’ve looked at the site up close a few times and don’t remember a few things that are Our Temporary Site here now; like a group of 6 electric meters 20 feet away, how small the site is and there are fewer tress than we remember. But the ‘good news’ is the jacks are down on a temporary site and we can settle for a bit. We can get back to some normal - Barb is chomping to get her sewing centre set back up and I have a few rig maintenance chores to get to. We need to visit Home Depot to pick up some wood to finish Barb’s new quilt frame to be able to convert it to a quilting table etc.

We like the area that we are in; shopping etc is near by although, we havOur Big Siteen’t yet found a convenient fabric shop or quilt guild but there must be one close by, Christi Lake Conservation Area is close for boating, biking etc and of course being big gamblers, Flamboro Downs is just a stones throw away! There are several golf clubs nearby too if the urge erupts us to go.

So now we are on the site with the jacks down. We situate the rig on  the front end of How close can you get? the site so we are not looking straight out our windows at the electric meters! But now the scrub trees are so close to the rig that we can’t put our awning out. We’ll need to do some trimming. We also have designed our ‘patio’ area so the campground owner can lay down the landscape fabric and cover with limestone screenings.

It’s the May two four weekend in Ontario and the campground is really busy. We do an errand over to Home Depot to pick up some stuff and it took us forever to pass through the ‘campers’ as they visit and wander aimlessly along the roads. It’s a good thing we were not in a hurry as Home Depot was no picnic either- that’ll teach us for going out in the worldBarb assembles her new quilt frame on a long weekend!

We have all the materials now to get Barb’s quilt table finished and set up.  We need to make an adjustment to the legs so Barb has it exactly as she wants but that will 

have to wait for a proper saw so I don’t screw up the cuts. Barb applies the melamine tape to the edges of the table with her iron and I do the trimming – scary letting me use anything sharp. Now to screw the quilt clips onto the table and she will be ready to sew! That’s done now and I didn’t even drill through the table. Barb has done a few ‘test’ cuts and she is all excited to get the legs adjusted so it is more perfect.

Barbs Sewing CentreBarb Cutting At Her New Table

Our blog entries will be fewer with less info and fun as we slow down for the summer. We hope you return to read of our summer adventures.

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  1. what ,,slow down ,never happen to you guys ,wow you are the speedy gonzales of the rv world ,wow always busy and doing stuff ,we love the blogs and all the stuff going on ..okhuggs and ttyl