Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Escapade at Goshen

Saturday, we went shopping to Menard’s for a $10 solar rope light – a good plan but that rope light cost us $120! There were too many other deals that we couldn’t pass up! The afternoon found us at Jack & Barb’s friend’s house in Lagrange.

Sunday was the first busy day of the Rally with visiting the Chapter Row, Opening Ceremonies and the Ice Cream social. The evening provided us with excellent stage show entertainment.

The remainder of the days saw us going to many seminars and demonstrations. Barb did some line dancing and we both learned more about boondocking, RV preventative maintenance, Geocaching, and passing the RV Boot Camp. Even with all this activity, Barb found time to learn a new craft – wood carving. I went but nobody would let me use anything sharp so I just watched and chatted with the instructor!
One of the seminar/demonstration that we went to that was very important was the Fire Safety session. The instructor was a retired fire fighter who knew how to get his point across and identified issues that we all take to causally! Yes, he was selling fire equipment but his information and the fire extinguisher demonstration was far too important to dismiss!
Our evenings were either chatting with our posse or playing Mexican Train. The rally provided a room for games and cards but they close the doors at 9PM! That’s way to early for us, we just get started and had to close down the game – boo! We moved us all into our rig and with lawn chairs, we crowd around the table and still had fun!

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