Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Heading South

We had our family Christmas celebration on the weekend and everyone had a great time. We are on our way south but leaving our campground in southwestern Ontario, I did not forget the credit card this year! What a fiasco that was last year! We were on the 401 heading to the US, trying to beat the incoming snow and ice storms and we had to turn around to go back for the card!

The border crossing was slow in the line but once at the guard shack, went relatively quickly. He asked several new questions this year as well as the usual ones regarding fruit and meats. He asked us specifically if we had a house, condo or apartment and who was looking after it if we were going to be gone for so long – first time for these questions!

The traffic was lighter than expected traveling on the USA Thanksgiving weekend. After hearing that snow was expected in Toledo that night, we pushed through to the Flying J at Walton, Ky for our first night stop over. We didn't want to experience the nasty weather we tried to avoid last year.

Next day, traffic increased as we approached Atlanta. We ended up at the Super WalMart in Covington, Ga., we needed to stock up anyway! As we crossed the parking lot, a guy asks us if we came from the camper! We say yes and he says we were dragging our blue tarp as we came into the lot! Hey, that's our bike bag he's talking about! Looking back, we see that it looks a little lower than usual. We thank the good Samaritan and decide to check it out in daylight before we move out.

This has to be the biggest Super WalMart we have ever seen! Wow! It is huge inside. As we are in line to check out, a lady comes by calling a girls name! She had lost her 17 year old daughter in the store!

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