Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Holy Leaf Bags….

1510076 Oct 20 Barb Helps With Leaf BlowingThe end of our October has been as 1510077 Oct 20 Terry Blowing Leaves From Houseexciting as the first half. And home ownership certainly gets in the way of doing nothing! It’s leaf harvesting time and both of us are out there working on them. It’s a good excuse to purchase power equipment so we picked up a leaf blower and vacuum to help us with the fall fun. We usually have a breeze here, being so close to the lake and using the blower to manage the leaves was like trying to herd a bunch of cats into a bag! So, Barb did the hard work with the rake while I came along behind and vacuumed and packed the leaves in the paper yard bags. Making sure they are compacted, we still had 21 bags of leaves on the curb for pick up and it only took us 2 days to do it! I know, you are asking how come we are so lucky to be having so much fun….

1510090 Oct 23 Ginny Terry Jerry On Observation DeckBut, we do have fun. We received a surprise 1510100 Oct 23 Horseshoe Fallscall from Ginny & Jerry – more friends from the Plantation. They were on their way down to LA from their home in Maine and stopped off at Niagara Falls and wondered if we could come out to play! Of course we can and met up with them in the Falls (NY). After hugs and chatter, the four of us wandered through the NY State Park and viewed the various overlooks of the Falls. Finally satiated with the 1510091 Oct 23 Top Of The Fallsviews of the thundering waters, we 1510099 Oct 23 Rainbow Going Over The Fallstook off for a late lunch/early dinner. What is it about us Plantation folks, always finding places to eat, you would think we were members of the LEO club! Anyway, we had a nice visit with them, a good meal and then our farewells until we get down there too – can’t wait.





1510078 Oct 20 Nature Of Things On Floor



In her spare time, Barb finished a wall hanging quilt that will be hung in the bedroom of the rig. We took a picture down to hang here in the house and needed a replacement and this sure fits perfectly. What a great job Barb!








1510101 Oct 25 Harley Kerry Terri Mark At Diningroom TableIn our last posting, I mentioned the work we did on a table for our diningroom and already it has been used a couple of times. First, Randy & Norma stopped by one Thursday afternoon before they head off to their winter perk in Arizona. We chatted over cheese, crackers and beverages at the counter until we were all up to-date. After, we moved into the dining room and had many games of Fast Track. At first, the boys were unbeatable but then we took a break for dinner and somehow, that changed our luck. After dinner we continued playing and we couldn’t win anything. So, I guess it is true, if you want to better a man, feed him!

Our second use of the table was when Terri, Mark, Kerri & Harley stopped by for dinner on their return from Ellicottville. It was fun seeing Kerri & Harley again – oh, and Mark & Terri too! It was a nice afternoon and evening.


1510111 Oct 31 A Skeleton By The House

1510109 Oct 31 Ghost Hangs From Light



Halloween is fast approaching and we can’t believe it is so late in October. We waited out the wind over the last few days and put our Halloween decorations back up but that didn’t bring any more kids to our door, we only had 1! Any one need some Halloween treats?



We hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween,,,,

1510104 Oct 31 First Art Piece Finished

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  1. ju-jubes in a big bag???anyways soon to be heard coming from L.A.??? wish we could see ya before ya go ,,its so busy here ,,yea right ,but things just seem to come up..anyhow ttyl and great big hugs ..