Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

An Indian Summer…

Wow, where has the time gone again? I have observed and interesting phenomenon here in Fort Erie – as the days and nights get colder, the days get longer! Is that possible? It seems like I just posted that we were winding down and awaiting the day we head south to LA but we’re still here.

1510008 Oct 03 Terry Set Up New To Him LatheAfter our visit with Tom & Cheryl in Owego, NY, I have a renewed interest in wood working – not the 2x4 kind but building things with hardwoods. My brother (Larry) has a fully stocked workshop and he wants to part with some tools so in early October, Barb & I drove out to his place for a day visit and to forage through his shop for some goodies. I picked up a couple of useful items but one that I thought would be fun was a wood lathe and cutting tools. We loaded it into the truck & headed back home. A good day for us with a visit with Larry and getting some stuff to help stock up 1510010 Oct 03 Barb Doing A FMQ Challengemy own workshop.


With all the heavy lifting done outside, Barb has had some time to spend in her ‘lady cave’ sewing and quilting etc. We have some new mug mats that look like fall maple 1510024 Oct 09 Well Does She Know What She Is Doingleaves and a pumpkin candle mat. She has also worked on her first ever painting in acrylics. She is so talented…

1510019 Oct 05 Free Motion Pumpkin


1510032 Oct 11 Dave Cody Jackson ArriveThe family Thanksgiving was hosted by Terri this year. It was 1510041 Oct 11 Sitting Around The Patioshocking to see how big and fast all the kids have grown. Our grandson, Mackenzie surprised us all by coming home for Thanksgiving from University in Halifax. It was a fun day, with great weather and with good food and good company, how could it have been better?



1510042 Oct 11 Gathering In The Seating Area1510044 Oct 11 Catching Up On Each Others Lives







1510055 Oct 11 Mack Larry Getting Dinner1510026 Oct 10 Barb Painting Next Part Of Dining Table

We have been looking for a dining table that would fit into our tiny space. After much looking, we decided to take back the table that we gave to Corrie when we 1510027 Oct 11 Terry Screwing Dining Table Togetherleft the house 15 years ago. It was used sparingly but left in her basement when not in use so the dampness left its mark on the veneer. We took it with us to Tom & Cheryl’s for his advise to whether I should replace or fix the veneer. Eventually, the result was to sand the top down and paint it. After we returned and all the other tasks were completed, we sanded all the surfaces and painted the unit. After a little TLC, we got it back to looking great so now we have a dining table!

The final bit of excitement we had in the first 2 weeks in October was our integrated fire alarms beeping at 5 AM! Doing the renovation under the Ontario Building Code means we had to install a smoke detector in the bedroom that is wired to the smoke & CO detector in the kitchen and when one goes off, they all go off! It's a small house for this type of integrated technology but we followed the rules (as if we had a choice). Anyway, I’m scurrying around the house trying to find the fault and once I really woke up, realized it is just a low battery on one of the units! So, the quick solution was to disable both units until we get out and purchase new batteries….

Now that I have you on the edge of your seats, I’ll leave you until next time. Hoping our Canadian readers had a nice Thanksgiving…

1510065 Oct 15 Mums Decorate The Entrance

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  1. hard to coordinate battery changes ,,we do it on the time change ,,works out ,,but I bet you already knew that .. anyways you guys are always so busy.. ..when is the take off planned ..ok ttyl and gr8 big hugs..