Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

More Waiting

We’re in a wait mode again, waiting for an electrical inspection and our foam insulation appointment next week.

Before I go any further, I want to mention – not that you don’t already know this but I am so proud and happy to be working side by side with my partner, Barb. I do not know too many other ladies that would or could do this kind of manual brute work. I don’t know how she does it but she even finds time to do a little quilting!

On Monday, we take a little break and head over the border for some cross border shopping and of course, the fabric store is on the agenda, along with Home Depot for a sun tunnel and Walmart for beer! All of which is way too expensive here at home – we have a budget to think about!

1408303 Aug 26 Drawing Circle On Roof

Back to work on Tuesday, installing the sun tunnel – you1408305 Aug 26 Hole In Roof might notice the knee pads and I just want to be clear, no I was not in need of begging, a little forgiveness maybe but the shingles were a little rough on my soft and sensitive knees. That took most of the morning with way too much indecision on my part – cutting into the roof is not an everyday thing and apparently, a leaking roof is not good.


1408306 Aug 26 Hole From Inside House

1408311 Aug 26 Look At The Light

1408309 Aug 26 Adding The Dome







The late afternoon sees us adding cedar shakes to the area where Terri & Barb removed the back window.

1408314 Aug 26 Barb Nailing Up Cedar Shakes1408316 Aug 26 Terry Nailing High Cedar Shakes

1408317 Aug 26 Small Window Completely Gone









1408318 Aug 26 Mandarin Bday Celebration Cheers Gerry


We called an early day as we were going out for dinner to celebrate our birthdays and decided to do it on Gerry’s (my cousin who recently passed) birthday and celebrated all three special days. Aww, at our favourite Chinese buffet with way too much good food and great company, what more can a guy ask for?




On Wednesday, we are scheduled again for our electrical inspection of the default1408346 Aug 31 Terry Turning On Lightss from last week. We are confident that we got all the issues cleared up but it is always nerve wracking to have someone else ‘judge’ your work. The inspector does a short walk through, checking out the issues and after giving us the thumbs up, he gave us some hints on what he looks for on the final – that was a nice heads up. Shortly after the inspection, our spider spray guys arrives. Spiders here are everywhere and you know how Barb feels about them, if the treatment works – no, he does not treat Barb, he sprays all around the house and trailer in the usual hang outs and that rids the creepy critters for 2 months. Money well spent I say. After all this excitement, we carry on – spider free which makes Barb so much happier.

All this activity and we have to replenish supplies so off to Lowe’s and Ikea to pick up some of the back ordered kitchen cabinets. This takes most of the day so that’s 2 days off this week! Whoa, let’s get back to work here, so we finish the outdoor GFCI outlets, get them connected and fired up so now we’re not so electrically outlet challenged – we’ve only had 2 to use this whole time and sometimes it can be a nuisance.

Well, that’s it for this week. We’re doing good and we hope all is good where you are…


  1. well its really coming along now ..super .have it rented before your trip to lower L.A. ok next time we are down there ,we will have to judge the Chinese place, as it stands we have some time soon ,,but will let you guys know before we make dates .ok ttyl and hugs ..

  2. You are right that you are lucky to have Barb. It us amazing what the two of you accomplish together. All I could do is stand Spider watch for Barb.
    Karla and Dick