Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

And Away We Go

I have not posted lately for a few reasons, mainly because we have been extremely busy and too tired at night to type!

1408283 Aug 23 Terry Raking Gravel Away From HouseIn our last post, we mentioned that we were in wait 1408287 Aug 23 Terry Foaming Up Holesmode again but we still found something to do – our foundation, what there is of it, protrudes out past the walls in some places and with the cement poured after the house was built, it looks ‘untidy’. After discussions with a siding guy, we decided to ‘hide’ the ‘untidy’ look with a skirting of sort. So, while we were waiting, we went ahead and skirted around the entire house and we think it looks so much better now. We have even decided to hold off on the siding 1408288 Aug 23 Barb Cutting At Table Sawinstallation and1408292 Aug 23 East Side Front Finished with a fresh coat of paint and some new cedar shakes in places, it will look great for a few years then maybe we’ll consider vinyl siding – some interesting negative info about vinyl siding on line. Anyway, we went through lots of spidy spray so Barb could help with this project – there are millions of tiny critters in the gravel around the house and as soon as you step onto it, they scitter up the walls and you know where Barb is when they do! Even with all that, we still worked together and got it done.

1408328 Aug 27 Barb Removing Other Cement Block1408332 Aug 27 Barb Nailing Up Panels



1408341 Aug 28 Front Of House Up Close

1409006 Sep 01 First Project This MonthAfter we finished the skirting and we were still waiting, we 1409008 Sep 01 Barb Cutting In Mailboxdecided to freshen up the garage. There was too many weak boards in the existing siding that needed to be replaced and then having to paint it, we thought too big a task for this year so lets side it using the same material we used on the skirting and we’ll paint the trim. We got the front and a few sheets up on the sides in a day and ran out of materials so more to come on that.

1409014 Sep 01 Front Done Panels Finished

1409018 Sep 02 Chris Brodie Spraying CeilingsToday, Sept 2 is spray foam insulation day! Yippee, 1409022 Sep 02 Job Finished Doing CleanUpwe have been waiting for this to happen – we passed the electrical follow up inspection and had already scheduled the foaming and once this is done, we can start hanging drywall! The truck pulls up and the guys start prepping the inside, protecting the windows and anything else that should not be sprayed. Barb & I had taken all the tools etc out but the furnace and windows had to be covered. 1409047 Sep 04 A Kitchen In PurpleOnce prepped, they started spraying and thought they would be done by 2PM but by the time they finished and ‘cleaned’ up, they didn’t get away until near 4PM! We’ve (Barb mostly) been removing chunks of poly and staples ever since. Once the foaming was almost done, I called the town for the insulation inspection so we could start the drywalling. We did not expect to see them for a couple of days but they came over by noon the 1409037 Sep 03 Barb Taping Under Doornext day and all was good and we had the go ahead to cover it up – we’ve had excellent response from the building inspection team here in Fort Erie. So now we can start the drywall tomorrow, Sept 4th! In the meantime, we have capped all the skirting around the house to finish it off.

1409055 Sep 04 Barb Screwing Up CeilingThere is not a lot to say about drywalling – measure it, cut it and screw it down or up! We had to do a lot of MacGyvering to make pieces fit but hey, it’s an old house and the walls are not square. At the end of the day, we had the front room done and we had our new fridge and 1409058 Sep 04 Barb Holding Up Drywalldishwasher arrive – whoopie.



1409109Sep 10 Half The Ceiling Is Up



1409137 Sep 12 The Great Room Is Finished

1409157 Sep 15 Aster Woods Blue


That is it for this week and we hope all is good where you are….

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  1. well it sure looks good ..what a great little place called home .. ok not much to add ..ttyl and big hugs.