Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Eat, Drink and Hav’n Fun–Ya’ll

1402009 Feb 05 Dinner With Bill Ann Ross Pat At Fish River GrillYou will notice from the pictures and the following stories, we do a lot of eating here in our piece of paradise. It doesn’t take much to gather a bunch to go for1402012 Feb 10 Row Robin Rows Quilted a lunch at one of our many favourite eateries. This particular day was started by someone saying hey, I haven’t had a feast of cat fish lately and off we go to the Fish River Grill II in Foley. This excursion may have only been between 2 couples and the next thing you know, we have a bunch!

I have been busy getting some of the small ‘honey do’ items completed while Barb is continuing to work on some of her quilt work in progress or as a 1402024 Feb 14 Putting Together HHW Quilt Topquilter calls them UFOs – Unfinished Object. This one is from her row robin of the summer of 2012 and she has finally decided on which way the rows look their best. She has another one that she is really getting excited to complete that she worked with others from an on-line quilt group at Fandom In Stitches. If you can’t make out the squares, they are from Lord of the Rings.

1402016 Feb 11 Ann Joyce Mary At The Cutting Table

1402020 Feb 11 Our TablePat & Ross, our friends from Lindsey, Ont. are heading on 1402027 Feb 15 Enjoying A Fun Afternoon Outsidedown the road to meet up with other friends and so we all agreed to have another lunch at Felix’s Fish Camp, an up scale restaurant on the causeway to Mobile. The excellent service and excellent food bring us back there often. This trip was no exception, excellent service and food combined with good company create a recipe for fun. The day before they were to depart, we all gathered at their trailer for happy hour and to make sure they were leaving! It was also an attempt to lighten their load by drinking most of their beverages.

1402031 Feb 16 Dick Supervises The WorkThe quilt ladies bought some new cabinets for all 1402033 Feb 16 Door Gets Installed On First Cupboardtheir supplies and needed help to assemble them. I gathered a couple of other guys – Bill, Larry with supervision by Dick and we had them together and standing in short order. Unfortunately, they did not come equipped with a locking device. I’m sure you can imagine the following conversations that evolved, including a big heavy chain with a very attractive padlock. The predicament was to find a device that is both functional and looks good. You know if it was a ‘men’s’ cabinet, it would have the chain look! Anyway, all is good and secure now.

1402037 Feb 17 Lunch At Big Daddys With Linda PhilPhil & Linda, our new friends from Truro, NS came up to view our digs. After the 20 cent tour, we went to Big Daddy`s, one of favourite spots for lunch. It was a beautiful afternoon, sitting on the deck over looking the Fish River, swilling a jug of draft and filling ourselves with Big Daddy`s excellent fare. Just as we were finishing up, our Plantation buds strolled in for lunch too. This is too good, all this fun and no snow to shovel!



1402051 Feb 19 Some Of The Finished Heart To Heart FlowersBarb is becoming a professional instructor these 1402013 Feb 10 Row Robin Back Quilting Is Neatdays. She taught a fabric flower class last year and was asked to do it again. She had 8 gals huddled in a corner of the clubhouse, trying to learn while the park musicians were there for a jam session. Later in the month, Barb also taught a free motion quilting session. She showed a couple of learning videos and coached 15 gals while 10 others looked on. I`m sure you appreciate the effort Barb would put in to these classes – hand outs, samples and quilt sandwiches for the girls to practice on for the free motion class. Barb doesn't run a fly by night operation!

Bill & Ann’s friends, Cheryl & Tom, from Finger Lakes area of New York, have been here for a month or so and are heading on down the road to Florida for hope1402064 Feb 22 Marcia Ordering Her Lunchfully warmer temps. As a gesture of celebration for their departure, we did something special – went to lunch! Everyone felt like Mexican this time so off to one of our other favourite eateries in Fairhope. Again, the food did not disappoint and the service was fast. I had a little problem ordering but it was probably my authentic Mexican speak that threw off the waiter.

On the way over, we could smell burning rubber and quickly my alternator output went to 0. We were not far from the campground so we turned around and used other vehicles to get all 8 of us to the trough. When we got back, I started the truck again and the voltage reading was back to normal and no smell and all the pulleys were turning as expected. Hummm….. kind of concerning and uneasy about taking the big black beast out for any road trips. I took it into Foley for a look see and they determined that our A/C compressor bearings were clanging around and it probably seized, impeding the serpentine belt from turning the alternator. So much for saving some cash this winter to give us a jump start on the hobby house in the spring.

Well, it is nearing Mardi Gras here and more eating and drinking will be in the cards no doubt. We hope all is good where you are and come back again…..

1402066 Feb 24 My No Pillow Fronts Completed

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  1. I reread THIS post three times,and nowhere did i read about any ice cream,,so disappointed there was no ice cream..lol anyways as always fun times abound ..glad your having fun and we hope to see you guys soon..hugs and ttyl..