Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Normal Spring at the Plantation?

1403094 Mar 14 Barb Squaring Up Row RobinThe last time I wrote, we lived through another Mardis Gras here at the Plantation. Now, all things are back to normal and yes, we’re still dining out, Ba1403047 Mar 08 Bon Secour Tin Top For Lunchrb is busy quilting and I am attacking the ‘honey – do’ list. We’re also busy planning, building lists and designing the rooms for our ‘hobby house’ back in Ft Erie. Through some phone calls and further research, we have decided that radiant in floor heating is out of our budget range. We are looking at other options, including wall furnaces and a complete HVAC system sized for our small house.

1403069 Mar 11 Terry Working On Hedge


We managed to get a couple of dry days so I could trim the hedge rows on both sides of the rig. We met friends Gerry & Diane for lunch at the Tin Top restaurant in Bon Secour. We were able to sit out under the awning and chat the day away. The food was good, the beer cold and the service excellent.



1403054 Mar 08 Motorbike Accident Victim BoardsWe were sitting in the rig having dinner and suddenly we hear a low flying helo coming in over top of the trees. We step outside to see what is happening and it was moving quickly further into the campground and looks like it was about to land. Barb & I jumped on our bikes and hustled down toward the office to see it sitting in the open area east of the entrance and was being met by the local EMTs. The EMT’s were transferring a youngster to the helo for transport to the ER. This sort of excitement gets us oldies out for some exercise.  While watching we met new arrivals, Lois and Harvey from our home Chapter 18, and invited them over for happy hour the next day.

Another major event is the Chapter 26 (The Gulf Posse) 1403080 Mar 14 Inside The French Quartercorned beef luncheon. Some of the chapter members prepared the corned beef in the backyard on a drizzly morning before the scheduled event. Again, lots of good food, good company and total fun as over 100 of us sit down for yet another meal!  Another cake was raffled off by Bill Coons for a few $100.00.  A good sum of money was donated to the local fire department.

1403077 Mar 14 Egret In Reeds ScultureOn February 14th, we wandered around the Fairhope annual craft show and sale with Bill, Ann, Tom & Cheryl. We were not disappointed in the quality and quantity of products for sale. It was all there, whatever you could dream of that you might want!1403090 Mar 14 Barb With Blue Heron Sculpture

1403078 Mar 14 Terry In A Fancy Hat

Our weather has been all over the map this spring. We have had beautiful hot days with sunny skies but then a storm rolls through and leaves a blast of cold air in its wake. Everyone is wondering when spring will really arrive and give us the warm days that we love. We haven’t even got the clubs out of the closet or the boat in the water! Yikes!

Gotta run, it’s happy hour here and someone is opening the beverages…..

1403079 Mar 14 Tulip Flower Opening Up

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  1. just another day in l.a. hope the rain does not get you to use the boat in other ways ..ok just to say we read all the blogs and hope your time left there is enjoyable ,oh yes I got the email about the cream..will get some for you and give it to you when we see you next ..hugs ttyl.