Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Where Did Summer Go?

We can’t believe it is September already. Bill & Ann are at the Plantation already and we’re a little envious. We would like to come and go as we wish but we try to follow the rules! As I write this in mid September, the outside temperature is 9C (48F) and we just finished a day of rain and cold, nasty weather. I don’t mind rain when it is warm but the cold gets to me. Ok, ok, I’ll stop whining for now…

1309004 Sep 02 Terry Gets Puzzle 1 CacheWe celebrated my birthday by eating, drinking and tried our skills at a puzzle geocache. We managed to solve the first one and thought that it would have a clue to the second one but not. So back to the drawing board so to speak. We had to try to solve these before we hit the trails again. For dinner, 1309008 Sep 02 Terri Mark Join Terry For Dinner At CoachmanBarb took me to the Royal Coachman in Waterdown where we met Terri & Mark. What a surprise for me. We also ‘bumped’ into Bob & Fay, friends from a different life when we worked. It was nice having a quick catch up with them and a promise to meet up again soon. It was a great day and a wonderful evening. The day could only have been better if we had won the lotto – but then that would mean we would have to buy a ticket so by not buying, we won $10.00!

1309015 Sep 05 On DancerBarb has been involved with a summer quilt block swap group with friends from the Plantation and her last blocks are in at an address in New York so we’re on a road trip. An easy drive, pick up some geocaches and a relaxing couple of days to pick up her mail. Geocachers are very inventive at find hiding spots for their caches. This cache was named after one Santa’s reindeer and we could not figure out anything related to Santa on our route until we drove past a ‘deer crossing sign’! That has to be the hidey place. Onto another cache, 1309013 Sep 05 Terry Finds Cachefollowing the GPS leads us to a fast food parking lot. We searched high and low, looking at the shrubs, trees and electrical boxes around the lot. For some reason, I walked over to the lamp standard and lifted the bolt cover and viola, it was there. That was fun finding that one.


1309017 Sep 05 Finding An Ellis HeadstoneOn the way home, we stopped at a cemetery for a cache and to see some very old tomb stones that were made of zinc. As we were walking up the hill toward the cache, following our GPS, we look right onto a large tomb stone that read ELLIS – wow, they were preparing for our arrival!

We’re back home now and time to get 1309023 Sep 08 Starting To FMQ Row Robinsome things done. Barb is working on her sewing machine, being creative with her quilting her Row Robin quilt from last year and I am cleaning and waxing the rig. It takes a couple of days but now nice and shiny for another 6 months! Barb is not doing so good – her machine is driving her crazy breaking needles and thread. We take it over to Hamilton for service – it just came back not a few weeks ago. The tech suggested that Barb is sewing too much and she is abusing the machine – apparently they are not made to sew as much as Barb is asking it to sew! Wow, never heard of such a thing and I didn’t have to prompt him! That doesn’t slow Barb down, she has another machine that fills in for her but she can not do any embroidery.

1309032 Sep 13 Barb Finds Casino CacheOn Friday the 13th, we stop at the Casino to pick up a cache on the way home. It was covered in ‘camo’ tape and hanging in an evergreen tree so it took us a few minutes to finally find it.

We have been talking about redecorating our bedroom again, pulling the carpet, wallpapering and installing new LED lights so now is the time. The bed is taken out so we can get at the carpet under the bed. It is also taken off the slide frame so we can prop it up to give us more room to manoeuvre better laying the new laminate flooring. We tore out the carpet, sized and papered, laid  under padding and laminate, installed the stair nosing and new lights and all in the weekend! Whew, we slept well.1309038 Sep 14 Our Temporary Bedroom1309039 Sep 14 Tiny Bits Of Carpet Come Out1309043 Sep 15 Barb Wallpapers In Corner1309048 Sep 16 Barb Puts Underpadding Down1309064 Sep 20 Our New Bedroom







That takes us ‘til the middle of September so enough for now and we hope all is well wherever you are….1309100 Sep 24 Purple Wildflower

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