Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Still Crazy in October

There is always memory gaps when I am trying to write about our adventures this far behind. I procrastinate too much but finally ‘set pen to paper’ and here is our next instalment. Thank goodness Barb does a great job with her picture taking and filing that helps jog my old memory.

1310014 Oct 05 Terry Installs Corries New DishwasherWe started October by helping our daughter to 1310017 Oct 05 Install Lights & Vent In Corrie Bathroominstall a room vent that she needed to renovate her bathroom. While Dean is out shopping for parts we need in the bath, I install their new dishwasher. Out with the old and in with the new one – ooppsss, we need some parts off the old one but not to worry, it just landed on the curb so we’ll go out and strip off what we need. Corrie suggests we hurry as anything with metal does not last long at the 1310019 Oct 05 Corrie Barb Fix Vent Flapcurb but we laughed – wait, there is a guy eyeing it up already – not 15 minutes since it hit the curb! Mack rushes out as the guys has his hands on it but he waits while Mack strips off the pieces we need and then the guys picks it up and literally drops it into his truck and he is off for the next big find!

On Oct 6th, Sunday morning, we awoke to a 1310026 Oct 06 Vulture Drying His Wingsfoggy and damp conditions – I know, most of you think I’m always in a foggy state – but even the Vultures were grounded and were roosting on some surrounding trees. It was an eerie sight but if we just keep moving, they won’t look at us as a meal ticket!

1310027 Oct 06 Three Vultures On A Tree




We finally organized an afternoon of geocaching with Randy & Norma. We took the scenic route to LaSalle park in Burlington, we stopped off at a water falls that we have been to before but with the recent rains, it was flowing great for pictures.1310038 Oct 08 Norma Randy At Waterfalls

We have been to these caches before but were unable to find them and made for a disappointing caching day so we were hoping with our new GPS and fresh eyes, we would do better. Well, we did a little – we found 1 of 5 – way to go Randy! It was a fun day anyway.1310050 Oct 08 Randy With Only Cache We Found

1310042 Oct 08 Toews Falls From Above






This brings us to our Thanksgiving weekend. The Ellis clan decided to do something different this year – you’ll read about it in the next posting – so Terri invited us to their cabin in 1310055 Oct 11 Full Side Of HouseNew York. On our way down, we stopped off in Ft Erie to look over a house for sale – yes, Barb & I are looking at real estate but not for living, just an investment. We’re making sure our portfolio is diversified. The house is on a double corner lot with mature trees and a 2 1/2 unattached garage. I was not feeling it but Barb was sure this would be a good investment (she’s the designer, I’m her labourer) and we left there for the cabin with many questions and ideas. Lot’s of discussions ensued over the weekend between all of us and Terri’s neighbours from Buffalo.


Saturday, we spent the morning splitting fire 1310062 Oct 12 Elliottville Fall Festivalwood1310069 Oct 12 Terry Barb Mark Terri In Beer Tent under sunny skies and warm temps – Barb did all the splitting while the rest of us lifted, carried and stacked the split wood. After some brewskis, we ventured into Ellicottville to their Fall Fest. This is a giant art and craft show and sale that is very popular. We bump and joggle through the crowds, looking at the many booths and crafters. Mark was drawn to the cigar shops while the ladies stopped at the many craters – me, I was looking for the beer tent.

Sunday started out with grey skies and threatening rain. 1310091 Oct 13 Terri Mark Barb Terry In PumpkinWe walked – don’t ask what we were thinking if it looked like rain – down to the end of Terri & Mark’s road to Pumpkinville – about a 1 KM walk. There are – of course – more crafty booths, fresh pumpkins and apples for sale and what we really walked down for was their home made pumpkin, sugar 1310087 Oct 13 Who Is The Raggy Gir;coated donuts. They were warm and oh so tasty, yummmm, it only took us seconds to devour them. Now what you ask? Well, there is lots to see and do here for all members of a family. Go to the web site for more thorough information.


We left early on Monday so we wouldn’t run into the holiday traffic at the border. We hope all is good for you, where ever you are….

1310098 Oct 14 Sumac Turning Red

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  1. two posts in a row and no mention of any ice cream places ,,SLIPPING ,naw cant be that lol..ok nice read and all the best on the ft erie purchase..ttyl and huggs