Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Wow, Where Does the Time Go?

In our last update, the week started on a Sunday wedding and got busier from there! We were able to take a breath on Monday but drove into Terri’s Monday evening so we could support her on her day in Family court on Tuesday. Her ex is asking for the moon and the stars in support payments and trying to take her to the cleaners. After waiting all day in the halls of justice, the judge assigned, ran out of time and Terri’s case was not heard and had to be re-scheduled for anther date. The halls make for a dry day so where do we go for a cool one? After having pizza and some more bubbly, we head home for another late evening.

1308165 Aug 21 Meeting Bill Ann In Lockport NYUp and at’m on Wednesday to meet up with Bill & Ann in Lockport, NY for lunch and some geocaching. We made good time until we got to the border! It took us an hour to get through customs mid day and mid week - what’s that about? Anyway, once we were deemed safe to enter, we were on our way. We took our USA prepaid phone so Bill could contact us if we were unable to meet up so Barb tried to turn it on but alas, it was not charged so here’s hoping Bill & Ann wait as we are about an hour later than expected due to the border crossing.

Thankfully, Bill & Ann are patient folks, we met up with them at the Erie Canal Discovery Center in Lockport, NY. After huge hugs and a quick check of our geocache packs, we were on our way. We decided that the caches are fairly close together so way not walk. The co-ordinates took us along the Erie canal so the walk was beautiful. The day was perfect, lots of sunshine, a slight breeze to keep us from boiling over and of course, the company was the best!1308168 Aug 21 Three Steps Down Of Water

We started out at the canal & lock museum, down the 10,000 steps (it seem1308175 Aug 21 Bill Finds His First Cacheed that many when we had to walk back up them at the end of our day) and eastward on the canal trail. Our first cache had Barb & I off on a red herring but Bill`s GPS took him right to it! Way to go Bill, Barb & I may not have found it if you had not brought your GPS too. These things are not infallible but we were 70 yards off! Anyway, found it and on to the next one. There are limited bridges to cross the canal and we were almost half way between bridges when the hint was to find a weeping pine tree and then we realized we were on the wrong side of the canal! Back track and up and 1308177 Aug 21 Terry Finds Droopy Tree Cacheover we go. Our GPSs took us right to the tree and the search begins. The trees planted here along the canal are memorials for past loved ones and we found the family tag and thought we had found the cache. It wasn’t until we moved a few more boughs that we saw something that didn’t belong – a pine cone in a weeping cedar tree!

Our next cache was to take us past an eatery and the 1308179 Aug 21 Bill Ann Barb At Picnic Tablethought of a burger and a beer was very appealing right now. But, as with all good plans, the joint was closed! Onward we trudged. Our strategy was to find the cache on this side of the canal and pick up the last one on the other side on our way back to the trucks. We made our way along a less than manicured portion of the trail – one that is used by dog walkers that did not stoop and scoop – what’s with that, just because it’s further out of Lockport, dog 1308181 Aug 21 Heading Into The Woods For The Next Cacheowners feel special and they don’t need to pick up after their pets? Ok, I’m off my soap box and a little calmer now, we are led to a wooded area right beside a golf course – the cache title was “Triple Boogie” so we knew we were close. A few circles and Barb found it. The cache was hidden in a notch of a tree behind a couple of pieces of bark. The last 1308182 Aug 21 Terry Removes The Cache Barb Foundcache was in an area of poison ivy. We did our best to find it without going in too deep but could not so we abandoned the last one and headed back to the trucks to find a place to eat and drink!

1308183 Aug 21 Bill Ann Barb Walking Along CanalWow, the trek back was longer than we thought. The out and back walk appeared to be only a couple of kilometers long when we started out but Bill calculated it out to have been about 4 miles! The tough part was up the 10,000 steps at the end but the thought of lunch and a beverage kept me going – I don’t know what motivated the others but I’m sure it something similar. We all climbed into Bill and Ann’s truck and found The Shamus Restaurant and what luck, they had a patio for us on such a beautiful day. What to do after lunch – well, we did have a couple of quilters in the truck so maybe there is a quilt shop here!

We had a wonderful day with our good friends Bill & Ann but it was time to go. After warm hugs and farewells, Barb & I were back on the road to the border! Again, we had to wait and again, it was something going on on the USA side. The guards had a road block up and were checking all vehicles leaving the US. Not sure if they were looking for someone in particular, I didn’t stop to ask. Once through that gambit, we only had a short wait on the Canadian side and then onto our humble abode. We had a short turn around then off to St Thomas the next day for our regular truck service and visiting with friends Ron & Vicki and John & Di.

1308186 Aug 22 A Day Spent With Vicki And RonRon & Vicki picked us up and headed over to Tim’s for breakfast. They stayed with us most of the day while the truck was being serviced. Ron was even kind enough to run us on an errand – I had to pick up a new anode for our water heater. The one I took out looked like it was on it’s last legs and needed replacing. The truck was finely done and after hugs and warm wishes with Ron & Vicki, we were headed to John & Di’s. They asked us to stay overnight so we wouldn’t be driving home in the wee hours – the four of us like to play Mexican Train and usually it goes on and on!

After dinner, Jack & Barb came around to say hello and visit – that w1308188 Aug 23 Meeting Dave Micheles Boyfriendas nice. When they left, the game was on, and on, and on. It went on until about 3:30AM! The next morning, we were up, all bright eyed and bushy tailed by 8ish. Late in the morning, Ray & Donna came around for coffee and a visit and that was nice too. Michele’s boyfriend Dave also stopped in to meet us. I’m sure we left him with a good impression! Soon, Barb & I were on our way home to recover from these fast and furious 3 days. We have to rest up as Nate, our 8 year old grandson is coming to visit for a few days.

Come back for more and we hope all is well where ever you are….1308107 Aug 17 Embroidery For Brigitte

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  1. just like the ever-ready rabbit .. wow we cant keep up..must be the beer and ice cream..anyhoo,good post as always ttyl and huggs..we are at the escapees rally in reeces corners and it is not to well attended ..thinking like 13 rigs ,,but it will go on