Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Cruise’n Home

Another par! It’s our last day at sea and we’re head’n back to New Orleans. There are fewer activities but we manage to keep ourselves busy and entertained. We had breakfast in the dining roomBarb Makes Towel Dog today and heard some of the comedy act so looks like we’ll take in that show tonight. We meet up with Jerry and Dianne and had a round of miniature golf. The mini golf ‘course’ is on the top deck and it was windy. Too funny, sometimes the ball would roll off on its own with the wind pushing it along. There was also a towel folding lesson so we could learn how to create those nifty little critters that met us in the room each night.

Of course, there was always the meals. Wow, we were certainly well fed. Also, we had to do our last minute shopping on board the ship for souvenirs and wait a minute, the dreaded duty free Diane Barb At Tea - raise those pinkys ladies! shop! It was touch and go but I did manage to find something there. Barb & Dianne went to a tea in the dining room and I hung out at the pool bar, people watching….

This was our last 5 o’clock gathering before dinner Elegance for us and everyone was in anticipation of our last night and arrival home. Our last dinner in the dining room was a celebration of sorts. The menu was head lined with steak and lobster with an equally decadent dessert – correct, I can’t remember but it was very nice. After, many Spencer Barb At Happy Hour having too much fun of us gathered in the comedy club for lots of laughs. The first set was for a family audience and the second set was for an adult audience – yes, I had to show my ID to be admitted! Of course, we ordered a beverage between sets and were surprised that we found Louisiana state sales tax on the bill – we were insideOur Evening Dinner Companions the 12 mile limit now. And yes, we had our last midnight pizza and ice cream with a stroll around the deck before turning in. We were surprised to see we were already out of the Gulf and in the mouth of the Mississippi river.

Getting off the boat was as well organized as getting on. We had to have our luggage Our Last Evening Critter out side our room the night before and were to pick it up in the terminal just before we went through customs. We were all staged in the theatre and as our zone was called, we exited via the lobby and headed down the gang plank to the terminal. We hired a porter to help make life easy since this was our first cruise experience and that was one of our best decisions. We breezed through customs and out to the bus for our ride back to the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - nuf said! plantation. As with most excursions, the chatter was much less than our departure – must be less excitement. Anyway, it’s funny how we all get to the same seats we had coming to New Orleans. We were across from Jerry and Dianne and as you can see, we must have been a bit tired!

All on loaded from the bus and starting the short walk back to our site but Spencer insists that he drive us so we weaken and rode home. What a great trip.

Hope all is well there.

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  1. another dianne and two ens also wow.we can hardly wait to see all the cd's and the other pics ..ok great story as always and look forward to you guys back here .. ttyl and huggs