Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Little Behind…

Wow, I have lost all track of time and stuff since we have been back at the Plantation after our cruise. I kept procrastinating about updating here but as one day leads into another, one activity then another and then of course the lunches and dinners with friends.

When we arrived back, we hit the road running the next day. Barb has been working with some of the ladies on next years 1302010 Feb 05 Close Up Of Carved Swordfishraffle quilt so spending time at the clubhouse. And of course, shopping for fabric which means a road trip to Ocean Springs and Biloxi. Biloxi was one of the communities hard hit by tornados and took out many trees. These carvings are part of the restoration projects using the broken trees to beautify the devastated area. Barb & I are hosting a digital photography session so we all can learn tips and tricks to improve our photos. And of course, our Mardis Gras celebrations are looming less than 2 weeks after our return. Spring has sprung and we want the yard tuned up to look nice so Barb plants a few blooms.

1302078 Feb 08 Barb Taking Video

This years MG theme was the Roaring Twenty’s so we scoured the used clothing shops for possible 1302062 Feb 08 Barb Doing Videocostume materials. Barb along with several other ladies made their own flapper dresses and many of the men found gangster looking suits. The Friday night dinner is where we crown the king and queen that rule over the festivities for the 5 days of MG. Well over 150 people were served dinner. The process is the man and woman that find a small baby doll in their cupcakes are the chosen ones, Linda Payne and Darrell Patterson, are this year’s Royalty. That’s when the party and craziness begins. Barb was asked to be the unofficial videographer for this years event.

1302105 Feb 09 A Colorful FloatSaturday, after breakfast with the King and Queen, sees us going to the MG parade in Pensacola with other SKPs from the Plantation. Naturally as with all other activities, SKPs like to arrive early, being sure not to miss anything like the tailgate party that we took with us! We traveled with Dick & Mary – they have been going to this parade for more years than they can remember and have the perfect place to park – that’s one of the reasons why we have to go early so we get that spot! Dick backs into the space and we drop the tailgate and the food and beverages over flow! The only thing missing is a grill but it is not required as there is more food and drink that we can consume. The parade lasted about 2 hours of non stop floats, music and the air was filled with trinkets and beads being thrown from the floats. After the last float went by, we were off to the famous Joe Patti’s fish market – it is an experience just to go there. Wow, I’ve never seen that much fish in one place. Yes, John, they do serve ice cream and after our shopping spree, we sat on their deck and relaxed with a cone!

1302117 Feb 10 Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time TerrySunday, we are in anticipation of the arrival of Larry & Judy to stay with us for a few days. Judy is my cousin from London. They arrived in late afternoon, in time to have a chat and beverage to clear out the road dust then we’re off to the ice cream social and skits. The skits have been good this year. I’m sure, due to my stage and acting skills, was asked to be in one – I’m sure it had nothing to do with me being an unattractive woman but you be the judge by clicking here!

Monday we expected to watch our own MG parade then 1302129 FEb 11 Pelican On The Railingan early evening dinner (we are seniors you know) then more skits. The inclement weather caused a cancellation of our parade so under gray skies, we show Judy and Larry around the neighbourhood, taking in Fairhope and the pier. These Pelicans were very tame – there was a fisherman nearby that fed them with a few morsels.

 1302130 Feb 11 Judy Gets Pelican Eating Fish


Tuesday`s schedule included the caned chair auction that men and women have been working on to raise funds for the CARE Center at the Escapee head quarters in Livingston, Texas. And the evening was filled with dinner – do you see a theme here – and more skits and finally the resignation of our King and Queen for 2013. Several folks were dressed in the era attire and Barb & I were no different.1302153 Feb 12 Barb In Roaring 20s Dress1302154 Feb 12 Terry With Beer Sandwich Board The evening ended with the introduction of next years MG theme – Flower Power!







I’m still a long way behind and will really try to do more catch up soon. Yàll come back for more…..

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  1. beer and more beer ,and i thought only ice cream and peanuts and licorice and ,,well you get the drift of terry's wilting power ...hee haw its good to read about the l.a. scene ..hope to see u guys soon ..huggs and ttyl.