Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Can You Say Mexican Train Marathon?

The last time I wrote, I was whining about the weather – well, it made me pay for what I said. It has been in the high 90’s (humidex of 105) and makes for difficult breathing and restless nights BUT, it is better than cold and snow!Lunch With Kay & John  Do you believe in karma?

Rest Of Sod Goes Down - Now it looks better An update on our teeny tiny site, all the sod is down and the watering begins. Many people watering = low water pressure so the lesson is to have our water tank filled and use our on-board system until watering is complete. Kinda inconvenient…. but one needs water to make ice cubes!

A couple of times a year, we meet up with dear RVing friends we met back in 2001. We met at The Watermark restaurant in Waterdown for a long andHappy Hour John & Di enjoyable lunch, catching up and of coDi & John Arrive with Their New Rigurse, reliving some of our past. John & Kay have hung up their keys due to health but still very interested in the RVing lifestyle. Lunch was great and the talk was fun – what a life!

Other long time RVing buds are rolling into visit for a few days.  We play marathon rounds of Mexican Train with John & Di, pop a few beverages and generally have a great time. They arrived mid day on Thursday but it took us a few seconds to recognize them as they were pulling a newGetting Our Mexican Train Fix 5th wheel; John is not one to pass up a good deal! As they arrive, we chit chat some with warm hugs then they were busy setting up. Once that was done, we continued with blah blah blah until it was time for a game of train. We hosted dinner and then more train  – until the wee hours.

Friday we deciWebster Fallsde to do some touring around and be tourists. Our first stop is Spencer Gorge and Webster’s and Tew’s Falls. We had short walks from the parking spots to  the falls views and through the park. It’s amazing that such beauty and nature is so close to the big cities. Later, we drove down to the Tews Falls water front and hopped on the bike trail and peddled our butts out to the break water below the Burlington Skyway. The lake view back over to Burlington was very nice, the lake calm and blue. We had to get back to the truck as the beer was getting cold and we were 20 minutes back to the campground! Soon we were sitting under the awning enjoying the late afternoon with wobbly pops, RV neighbors and lively conversations. After dinner, more train and good times.

Webster Falls From Top


Are we There Yet?





Saturday was Breast Cancer day with a car and bike show at the park. Through the activities and the various draws, the park raised $16,000.00 for breast cancer – good going. The weather was great and we played train out on the patio table, keeping the cheers and noise to a dull roar so not to disturb the neighbors! After dinner, more train – do you see the theme here?

Sitting In The Yard Enjoying the Company Sunday was father’s day and John & Di were A Great Day concerned that they were interrupting our father’s day celebration but we insisted they were not and in fact we were taking a road trip to see some sights and ending up at one our watering holes. We took the Lakeshore Road into Toronto all the way from Burlington – what a drive, through the smaller burbs of Oakville, Streetsville and Port Credit. We saw lots of magnificent homes – well out of our combined price range! Anyway, we ended up at Terri’s for dinner with our other daughter Corrie and Nate Drops Spheres Into Pond family. Lot’s of chit chat and fun. Nate (our 7 year old grandson) was getting a little antsy but kept himself busy with Terri & Mark’sNate In The Jungle fish pond. The fish look hungry Nate, so why don’t you feed them - a couple of times! Oh well, it was a great day with friends and family. We got home in time for – yes you guessed it, another game of train!

Our visit with John & Di draws to an end and they are heading back on down the road – our train days on hold until next time. Hope all is well out there where ever you are. If you enjoy he blog, leave a comment…..

Cheers Everyone


  1. really sweet blog ,,we enjoyed ourselves to the max and cant wait until july for some more fun..thanks to you two and your terri for the hospitality ,and letting us in on your dads day .now with us meeting corrie and her family all the names have faces ..kewl..ttyl and big huggs

  2. Love the blog and pictures. We had a fantastic time with you, as usual. I want to also thank you and Terri and Mark for the warm welcome into their home, and the family circle.Everyone is looking forward to July for more fun and games. Love you all. Hugs<3<3