Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It’s Coming!

Well, it’s that time of the year again; the leaves on some trees are actually starting to turn. The soy bean fields are nearing harvest as they turn gold! The nights are cooling and dew is heavy most mornings! Time has gone by in a blink and it is hard to believe the summer is backed up in memory! Our time here at Roebuck Campground is ending which takes our thoughts of our future travels. We’re excited to know we have a winter site waiting for us and not having to worry if there are sites available or what the campground is like. Get ready Rainbow Plantation, here we come!

I know, get back to the present. We’ve done another 5K walk today and then into Owen Sound for some groceries and to the fabric store for supplies – not for me but Barb is onto another little project while I continued on finishing the bathroom trim and cut the grass. Tuesday was more of the same, Barb was finishing a set of napkins for Terri – a small gift to celebrate their pergola project behind their house and I fastened down the bathroom trim.

We decided on a road trip into Waterdown to inspect Olympia Village campground where we might use for the month of Oct/Nov before we head south. They have been working on some new sites (they are the ones that called us 3 days in advance to tell us they couldn’t accommodate us on the long weekend in May and how we ended up in Meaford) and we wanted to ensure we could fit and it would be adequate for us. It was a 3 hour trip for a 15 minute tour but I now have peace of mind that we don’t have to go to Golden Pond in Ingersol again! It was one of the few campgrounds that are open year round but their electricity is flakey and the water is undrinkable but they always treated us good! We went to Terri’s for dinner and to present her with the ‘custom’ napkins. Thursday we moved slower than normal and didn’t get home here until after lunch and couldn’t get motivated to do much.

Friday we drove up to Tobermory to celebrate my birthday. It’s been 30+ years since we have been there and it hasn’t changed too much except for the large homes. We had lunch on a patio overlooking the harbor and watching some of the world go by! After, we strolled through the harbor and wandered into a few gift shops. Oh, also had to stop for an ice cream! As we were heading out, the Chi-cheemaun ferry from ManitoulinIsland was just arriving and it’s always a treat to watch the ship as it lifts the bow to let the vehicles off!

On the way back, I had a ‘bright’ idea to see the ‘Devil’sMonument’ – I had read a sign on the way up and thought it might be interesting. It was only 19Ks out of our way – we’ve traveled further for less! Anyway, after turning off the highway and no more signs to follow, we gave up after 40 minutes of very rough road. There was supposed to be the Cabot Head Lighthouse  along the way but we didn’t find that either! Our GPS was of no help! We did get to see some very nice cottage/homes and magnificent vistas of Georgian Bay and the beautiful blue waters! We didn’t get to see what we started out to see but we still saw beautiful sites anyway and made the side trip worthwhile.
Wishing you well out there…..

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  1. wow you will have to let us know when you are there at waterdown???maybe we can slide in for a week or so ..maybe..anyways another good read..good thing for lots of fuel,never get lost when you got lots of fuel hehe