Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Ignition Switch Twitch…

Both of us are amazed that we have not felt the desire to move on this summer! Usually, after having the jacks down for about 5-6 weeks, we are ready to move on down the road for more adventures. But this summer, we haven’t had that feeling – until now! Could it be that we have been busy doing and being focused and not wondering what was waiting around the next bend or over the next hill? Could it be that we are in a nice campground that’s not making us wonder why we’re here? Could it be that the summer is nearly over and our thoughts are wandering to our venture south to our ‘new’ ERPU site at the Rainbow Plantation? I can’t think of any more ‘could it bes’ so let’s chalk it up to the end of this chapter in the summer of 2011 and it’s time to turn the page!

We have kinda gotten out of our normal routine for no reason. Barb has been busy working on a couple of projects that I can not mention here just in case someone is reading this. But she has finished one project – 8 bears have been born from that fur coat we showed you a few entries back. They are almost too cute but they are for sale so if you want one, send us an email to reserve yours today! She is also restarting the family tree project that had been sidelined when we could not trace my mother’s lineage back. We are using a neat tree building program from My Heritage Family Tree and helps inputting and tracking. Ancestry.ca had a special on where you can try out there service but of course there are strings and we’re not sure yet. We’ll use our family first for history etc then maybe…

The bathroom is 98% completed now. We replaced the paper holder and had to modify the cabinet where the old one was so the new one would fit. Some wood bought, some stain slapped on and some varnish and when assembled, I was ¼ inch short! Crap, and I left my board stretcher at the house so cut, stain and varnish a new piece and by the time this entry is published, it will be 100% complete! It’s always fun when I’m working on something!

Our neighbor, Peter and Molly bought a new trailer and Barb & I have been busy helping them with modifications and additions to make it ‘their own’. I put his Max-Air vent hoods on and helped take out a couple of cabinets they didn’t want – I’m good at demolition! Barb provided Molly with some ideas and helped me with another pair of hands. I’m busy doing nothing and there’s Peter, cutting our grass! I gave him a hard time of course, accusing him of not liking our shabby chic lawn next to his new trailer. Finally, he said he’s doing it to repay us for our help! Nice!

Barb is putting the finishing touches to some nice Christmas gifts that are going to be a hit. I am starting a big project of scanning some of our memorabilia that we have accumulated over the 44 years of wedding bliss.

We’re ‘talking’ to friends about this winter and whom to expect at the plantation and when. It is exciting to make plans with friends that you can meet on the road! Oh, we just got an email from our friends Dick and Karla in Minnesota. I hope you can remember us talking about how good friends they have been to us when we visit them. They are opening their ‘retirement log cabin’ as a B&B! So, if you’re interested in a little down time to recharge your batteries and experience the north woods of Minnesota, check them out at www.redpinepointbedandbreakfast.com. Dick and Karla are wonderful people and you will feel welcomed and comfortable. I hope you look them up.

Enough for now and we wish you well out there….

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  1. you just keep goin on goin on ...hehe busy as a little beaver ,,keeps us from hafing to bail you guys out of the local hoosgow,,stay taught and well back ,,ok luv the blog and will ttyl soon huggs..