Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Settled in Central Florida

We always talk to whoever wants to listen about ones expectations. I’m sure you gleaned that we were somewhat disappointed on our arrival here at the SKP Resort and that was due to our expectations. You can not compare one SKP facility to another. Yes, they are all from the same club but that is why the club is so great, you have choices and different experiences. You may have guessed by now that we have recalibrated ourselves and are quite happy to be here!

Saturday was a relaxing day, Barb busy with her videos and me doing the necessary chores of post set up – the bug cleaning detail! Sunday, we drove over to see Dick & Karla, our Minnesota friends with the log cabin that we have often talked about. They live in a very nice senior community about 50+ miles east of us. They have a very busy schedule with a golf course, lawn bowling, shuffle boards, pool, hot tub and active social gatherings in the club house. Whew! I had to have a nap after hearing of all their activities! We haven’t seen them since our return trip from Alaska in 2009 and had a lot of catching up to do! After a great lunch, we had to walk off all the good eats and Barb got to pick her first ‘fresh’ orange off a tree!

On our way over to Dick & Karla’s, we stopped at Lowes and picked up some electrical parts and a breaker to finish off some repairs after our power surge and I spent most of the next day fixing and changing some assignments in the panel. Now we can control the converter from the breaker panel easier and with the solar panels, this may help to reduce our electric bill somewhat.

We have moved to a site where we can possibly stay longer so we’re here until at least Jan 23rd! It’s a very nice site, cement pad and patio, 50A electrical and a SEWER! Yea! Now we’re going to be staying long enough to try out our new solar rope lights and patio markers that we bought in September!

Knock, knock… a gentleman was at the door and asked if we would like to join them and a few friends for happy hour across the street from us. How nice! We gratefully accepted and at the appointed time (3PM) we took our lawn chairs and enjoyed an hour of fellowship with about 20 other SKPs. It was cool so everyone was trying to sit in the sunshine!

Another week has zipped by. We hope y’all are doing well and not too bothered by the snows and cold weather up north.

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  1. wow nice lookin spot,, hope you can stay for some time ..the weather looks nice and are you always working??wow again,will have to hire you for some jobs sometime..ok ttyl and huggs