Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

It's a New Year

We got through the New Year in grand style with Jim & Lydia. In looking back, 2010 was quite a ride! The picture is a log of our travels using Google Earth. This is a neat representation provided by the DataStorm service. We have met many nice people, traveled through many sights and enjoyed our RVing lifestyle! It is quite an adventure and we feel lucky to be able to do it.

With sad hearts, we say farewell to Jim and Lydia. As I said in our previous post, it’s always sad to leave a good thing! The deal here at Wanee Lake RV Park is too good so Barb & I decide to stay a few more days to enjoy the warm weather and more golf! The park is not busy! There are only 2 other rigs here besides us and one is the camp host! They have impromptu socials and we got to have some home made peach ice cream at one of the socials. Neat.

Now that we are all stiff and sore from so much golf in a short time, we kick back and toured through Ashburn – that took us all of 20 minutes and that was because we couldn’t find the post office!

While golfing, Barb found a great Georgia long needle pine tree where she could collect needles for her pine needle basket weaving craft. When we returned from our exhaustive touring of Ashburn, we walked out on the golf course and collected a bag of pine needles, keeping an eye out for stray golf balls and golfers coming up the 8th hole. Here is a picture of a lost ball! It is stuck in a bunch of twigs, nestled in the crux of a tree branch 20 feet up – I bet that golfer is still wondering where his or her ball went!

We are finally on our way south on I75. We stop at the Flying J in Valdosta Ga for fuel. We liked it better when it was the Flying J, not so much since it was bought out by Pilot. The traffic was light until we got down to Ocala area. Of course, the closer we got to Tampa, we had to navigate through even more traffic. By the time we got down to Wauchula, Florida, it was too dark to find the SKP Resort  so we decided to stay at WalMart – we had to stop and shop anyway! We try to avoid parking in a campsite in the dark – it’s much easier at WalMart!

Our plan was to stay a month so we can visit with our Minnesota friends and see this area of Florida. When we pulled into the Escapee park, we were surprised that they do not have any available sites and we have to stay in the over flow area. When asked about a longer stay site, we were advised that they don’t expect anything until the end of the month. Now some of you might ask – why didn’t you make a reservation – well, Escapee’s parks don’t take reservations. Most use the ‘first in, first out’ rule but here, that does not come into effect until the end of January! So, here we are with only 20A electric and water. It is a very nice park though; even the White Ibis are comfortable as seen just outside the rig!

When we started this trip back in Nov ’10, we had trouble locating a WalMart to stay in and Barb said that this was an omen! She was so right! Now that we are all set up, we have to devise a Plan B!

Stay tuned, we’re never sure where we’ll end up!

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  1. how far to the black water dump..is it easier to move and dump ,,oh well not that you have not enough time to formulate a plan B..waiting for the new plan and where you will end up..maybe back to alabama for the season ,,easier to find you guys ,,maybe,,ok huggs and ttyl..keep up the adventure ,,you have me hooked on your travels..