Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

January Weather is Great at the Plantation

January brings more great weather. Lots of sunshine and warm temps. That also brings some severe storms but I think here at the Plantation, we are in a geographical anomaly that forces the storms to bypass us either to the west of Mobile or they stay in the Gulf south of us. We get the rain and some winds but not the devastation or, maybe we’re just lucky!

1701003 Jan 03 Ann Joan Doug And BillNow that the Christmas and New Year celebrations have settled down, we are back in the routines of eating out, ladies quilting and the men sitting around the coffee table in the club house and more eating out. When the ladies need to acquire their fabric, their choice is A&E Pharmacy in Pensacola Fl. Their 1701007 Jan 09 Lunch At McGuires With Ann Billdear husbands hate to see the ladies agonize on that drive over so we accompany them and after the shopping, we go to McGuires Irish Pub for lunch and maybe a beer!


1701012 Jan 10 Finishing Up The 3D FlowerBarb taught a fabric 3D flower 1701016 Jan 10 Ladies 3 D Poppiescourse for the sewing/quilting ladies. She had about 15 ladies to teach – now, I wonder how that kind of class compares to today’s high school class!

1701023 Jan 11 Looking Down The Other SideThe ladies seem to start the social ball rolling all the time – I guess not unusual. They – about 25-30 or so do a monthly ladies luncheon. This was started several years ago. The men – well, it took one of the ladies to set a location and a sign-up sheet for the men to do the same. I guess we couldn’t do it for ourselves.

1701027 Jan 12 Barjello Quilt We Are Going To LearnThe quilt group found an instructor  to come to one of their meeting to teach them1702066 Feb 08 My Butterfly Bargello Finished how to start and build a Bargello Quilt. The picture shows you how the end result should look. Here is Barb’s Bargello with 3D butterflies.

1701042 Jan 20 Barb Gets Her Valentines BearWhile we were out shopping later in January, I gave Barb her Valentines gift but the catch was she could only visit it whenever we went back to the store!

1702036 Feb 04 My Eagle Has Landed


1702025 Feb 04 My Nature Of Things Hung In Garden RoomBarb entered the Robertsdale Quilt Guild Quilt show with a few of her pieces, the 3D Bald Eagle, and her Nature of Things quilt that is mostly hand sewn and now hangs on our bedroom in the rig.

1701053 Jan 25 Terry Cleaning Up The Yard


And while Barb is out and about, being the social butterfly, I’m back at the rig trying to make the yard look better, trimming the shrubs, weeding the walkway – I do that with spray so it’s not too onerous!



1701043 Jan 22 Barb Serves Sambuca Coffee Beans At Flatulent Fest


One of the festivities here is the ‘Flatulence Fest’ where 20+ cooks bring in their favorite soup, stew or any dish made with beans. Barb & I had difficulty deciding our favorite so we did Sambuca with floating coffee beans! It was a hit, we were out of our ‘dish’ early!



Well, that’s about all the news we have for January. I have included a few pictures below on some of the wildlife we see and some of the weather we don’t. Hope all is well where you are and come back again for more scintillating prose on our life….



1701026 Jan 11 Bald Eagle By The Water  1701040 Jan 17 Bunny On Our Deck  1701600 Jan 01 Pat & Rosss House In Lindsay


  1. ok that's fun looking ..all the eating and imbibing ..terry must be one of the kings ..lol..love reading about the plantation life style ..keep up the good news ..hugs ttyl

  2. just noticed the heavy duty hauler up the street from you Volvo by the look ..must be big trailer ..anyways have fun with your journeys ..