Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

A Grandson’s Visit

1607081 July 30 Walking Around EllicottvilleAt the end of July, we found ourselves at Terri & Mark’s get away in Ellicottville NY. I have to say, we love our Nexus cards for crossing the border – we couldn’t use them1607084 July 30 Our Birthday Celebration With Terri Mark At Dinas when we pulled the rig but it sure makes it easy now. We thought they knew we were coming but they didn’t so we surprised them Saturday morning. Once we were all mobile, we ventured into town for a little shopping, some refreshments and of course, more shopping – we were with Terri afterall! Back to the cabin, change, and then back to town for dinner. Since Terri & Mark were not going to be home to celebrate our birthdays – they are going to be biking the Cabot Trail – they treated us to dinner at Dina’s. It was a nice relaxing day and evening. We left mid day on Sunday so we could be ready for their usual stop in on their way home.

1608005 Aug 01 Nate Starts Camp AdventureWe have been having our youngest grandson – Nathanial – 1608004 Aug 01 Corrie Dean Stay For Lunchfor a week visit during his summer holiday. This might be our last year as he will be 12 next year and he may not want to be with the ‘old folks’! Anyway, Corrie, Dean & Nate arrive for lunch and a visit. Lots to talk about and sit back and relax. By late afternoon, Corrie and Dean were looking at their 2 hour drive home and decided they should be on their way. Soon after, Terri & Mark stopped in for dinner and a visit – it was a busy day.


1608008 Aug 01 Second Bean Toss GameAs usual, Barb has a plan to Nate’s stay 1608012 Aug 01 Barb Wins Fast Trak Gameand we start off with some geocaching in the Crystal Beach area. We are a little rusty as we have not geocached for awhile and we only found 25% of the caches we chose. The good news is, we found a small difficult cache that we may not have found if Nate wasn’t there! It was low in a spruce tree and we’re not good searching on our hands and knees! The next day was game day…. we played bean bag toss and some fast 1608016 Aug 02 Terry Nate Don't Find Catchtrack. It doesn’t matter how old kids get, 1608018 Aug 02 Nates Found Cachethey loose interest fast if they don’t win.






Our next adventure changed due to the heat and we took in a show – Ice Age. The title and ac in the theatre kept us cool for the duration. The late afternoon was set out for some craft project that Barb 1608028 Aug 03 Nate Adds More Polishthought was neat and something useful – they made a patio table tourch. It was made with a decorated (that’s the craft part) clay pot, some small smooth river stones and a can of sterno. It needed to dry overnight and was finished the next day.

His last day was a trip to the farmers market in Port Colborne – I’m sure he was excited about that – and a trip to a woodworking tool shop – he was over the top at that adventiure - and then met up with his mom & dad. Nate had fun but if he didn’t, he had his phone & ipad to keep himself occupied if we didn’t.




Barb & I had our own adventure camp the following week, come back again to read about it…

Hope all is good where you are.

1607040 July 14 Flicka In Our Yard

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  1. we will phone and confirm when you are home and come down and see you ..let you know soon ..ttyl and sounds like you guys are very busy ..hugs.