Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Friends from Alabama Visit

1508001 Aug 01 Terry With Rented Sod CutterIn our last posting, we still had some gravel 1508003 Aug 01 Sod Finally Removedleft and decided to spread it out in the back yard to have it ready for next years project – a deck! As I mentioned, we rented the sod cutter again to remove and grade the area and then after laying landscape fabric to help manage weeds, we started moving and raking out the gravel. The end result greatly improves the look and 1508011 Aug 02 Back Area All Finishedusability of this part of the yard. It has always been muddy after a rain and now we can get to and from the garage 1508006 Aug 01 Butterfly Black Blue Wing Topwithout putting on the wellies!





1508013 Aug 03 Terry Starts My Corner GardenNow that we have some liveable outdoor spaces, we need to start and pretty up the little 1508015 Aug 03 Shrubs Planted In Gardenhouse. The first flower garden is in the corner of the deck and the house. After using a garden pick to loosen up the rock hard clay, we can dig out an area and replace that crappy dirt with some decent plant friendly soil. Once that was done, we were off to the plant store (read CTC) to pick up some color. We also started some Euonym1508025 Aug 06 New Window Covering In Hallus cuttings from Corrie’s garden and planted them too. In all this activity, Barb found time to build some quilted panels for the back room and a matching seat cushion cover for the bench. This girl never stops…

1508028 Aug 08 Marti Larry At Our House




On Saturday, Aug 8th, Marti & Larry came into town for a visit and stayed at a nearby campground. After they checked in and got set up, we picked them up and headed out for lunch and a few cool ones. Once we washed away the road dust from their travels, we toured a bit and ended up back at our place. They were excited to see all we’ve done. You see us here, enjoying their company on the deck!

Our week with Marti & Larry is action packed and fun. We visited - the Lock 3 Visitor Centre & Museum of the Welland Canal, watched a ship squeeze through one of the locks, Niagara-on-the-Lake, wine tastings, a distillery stop, bus & boat tour of Toronto and of course, Niagara Falls. It wouldn’t be complete without a stop at one of our favourite lunch stops, on the patio of He’s Not Here.

1508056 Aug 10 Guys Walk Way Ahead1508070 Aug 11 Listening To The Tour Guide1508094 Aug 13 The Mist Of The Falls1508106 Aug 13 Two Great Friends1508124 Aug 14 All Of Us At The Table







On their last day here, Barb & Marti hit a spa and then we showed them a little more of Fort Erie, Crystal Beach and Port Colborne. They were on their way again on Saturday but way too early for us so we said our farewells on Friday evening.

Our excitement continues in the next edition….. hope all is well  wherever you are…..

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  1. good read and hope all is well ..wish we could get there before the wedding ,,but alas it will not happen ..,,but we will be done soon after ..will call if your to be around ..if its ok with you guys ,,that is .. okay ttyl and great big hugs..