Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

The Short Strokes Now

1410601 Oct 12 Thanksgiving At KristysNot! It’s Thanksgiving Sunday and usually we are looking forward to a wonderful meal with our family and this year it was in the Ottawa area. We had planned on meeting up with some RV friends on the Monday, taking a few days off from our project. Unfortunately, Barb came down with the flu and was flat out for the past few days – even unable to help out with our exterior painting marathon yesterday – she was not happy! Barb loves this holiday, seeing all the nieces and nephews and their families. So, I plug along, cleaning up some of the odd jobs that need to be done – re-hanging eave down spouts etc.

1410083 Oct 13 New Paint From Front Of House


On Monday, Barb was up and moving around a little and feeling a little better but still not 100%. I continued to apply more mud to the drywall and sand some that was dry. It’s looking better every day – even for us amateurs.

1410084 Oct 13 Terry Sanding The Ceiling In Great RoomTuesday, with Barb feeling better, we finished sanding and washing all walls for priming. Once done late in the day, we were off to pick up our primer and finish paint supplies. We picked up a 5 gallon pail and a couple of gallons of ceiling primer, thinking we would have plenty with left over. Another late evening and we drag our butts into the trailer but anxious to get started in the morning – another mile stone, getting closer to the finish line!

1410090 Oct 15 Barb Mudding Corner


With different light, we see a few flaws in our drywall work and add more mud before we start priming – this is one task in this project that is definitely not one of our favourites! After a lunch break, we finally start our paint priming. The lack of light makes us put the brushes and rollers down and clean up – not ideal in the dark!

Thursday was an Escapee Chapter luncheon at the Mandarin in Hamilton – can’t miss 1410107 Oct 16 Colors In Abundantsa lunch at the Mandarin so off to Hamilton and  we also head into Ikea in Burlington to purchase our lighting. I got the time wrong and we were late but still managed to over eat! Not Barb’s favourite place as they decorated the entire place with spiders.  We won’t be going there again in October.  On the way home, we stopped off for more paint supplies.1410093 Oct 15 Terry Pouring Primer Paint

On Saturday, we signed up for a laminate floor1410096 Oct 15 Barb Paints Over Closet laying workshop. We’ve done it before but just thought we might hear something new or a reminde1410098 Oct 16 Paint On One Great Room Wall Driedr of how to do it. We have a few problems that we know will come up when we start laying the flooring and thought that we might find solutions to some of our issues – uneven floors, low clearance on the front door since we raised that floor area and walls that are not so square! Well, we did find a solution and it is not wall to wall carpet! During the workshop, the instructor touched on vinyl plank flooring and it solves two of the three issues and hopefully the less than square walls will not be so noticeable. Once we got back home, we smoked into painting to finish off the primer coat. Wow, the house is now looking great, even if we do say so ourselves!

That’s our excitement for this week, hope all is good where you are….1410088 Oct 14 Fall Color At End Of Street

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  1. we are very happy for you and the project ,,it will be done soon ,,or sometime ,lol..hugs and ttyl..