Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures


The doors are back on the fridge and the beer is chill’n again! What an ordeal this has been, especially when you don’t follow the manufacturers instructions! Lesson learned – again - but now the challenge is to remember all these life lessons we have been learning…1310162 Oct 26 Moving Back To Olympia Villiage.

So, on Oct 26th, we pull back into Olympia Village for our final month here. We would love to leave right after our family Christmas 1311143 Nov 12 Fort Erie House Frontbut we did win the real estate bid on a house in Ft Erie so we have to stay until the closing of the deal. Now that we unofficially have the house, we’re wondering – what have we done! But since we know the intimate details of a hammer, we’re excited about getting started on the re-building of this cute little house. As you know Barb, her mind is whirring with ideas and plans.

1310186 Oct 31 Mack Alone On The FieldOur grandson – Mackenzie – is on his high school football team and we try to get out to watch a game or two. And again, we picked the coldest and rainiest day to stand in 1310175 Oct 31 Watching Mack In The Rainthe bleachers. To top it off, they didn’t play their best and with several bad calls by the officials and being all hallows eve, they lost. Since we have been watching Mackenzie’s team, they rarely do well and we seem to bring the nastiest weather, we promised Mack that we wouldn’t come to any of his play-off games in hope to improve their chances of winning the conference! We took Mackenzie home and stayed long enough to get spooked by Nathanial’s costume. Corrie has made all the costumes over the years, including Nathanial’s this year – great job Corrie.

1310190 Oct 31 Gandalf Is Not Happy With Nana

1311014 Nov 02 Terri Mark Just Clowning AroundTerri & Mark hosted a Halloween costume party 1311013 Nov 02 Ghost Is In The Housethe next weekend and of course when someone calls party, we are there! Being frugal shoppers, we came up with a couple of costumes for few bucks. I was supposed to be Dr Death and Barbie was a spooky ghost. Terri prepared some great treats and Barb took a few of her ‘spooky’ items too. She had 40+ guests and hired our nephew to tend bar and the party rocked to the weeeee hours – no, we didn’t last that long!


1311015 Nov 02 Nick And Terri

1311016 Nov 02 Kerry And Harley


1311001 Nov 01 My Treat For Terri Mark Party

1311019 Nov 02 Meat Head






We went down to the Escapee Chapter lunch since it will be our last before we head to California. John is always trying to surprise Donna, Ray & Jack by our arrival so this time we thought we would surprise John and each time he asked if we were going to make it, we were vague and non-committal but in the meantime, sent Donna emails to say we were coming and we were trying to turn the tables on John – are you lost yet? Well, the surprise or say joke was on us – we didn’t have the correct email for Donna and all of them didn’t go and we only got the chance to say farewell to John & Jack! Boo Hoo….

1311064 Nov 08 Our First Snowfall This YearWell, as you can see by the truck, winter is quickly approaching and our time here is drawing near. Hope all is well wherever you are….

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  1. another good post ..ok hoping the trip south WEST will be ok for you guys. jeez there must be 30 inches or more of SNOW HERE on sunday morn. have fun and keep up the posts..