Welcome to our travels and adventures

Welcome to our travels and adventures

Back in Ontario

Well, here I am playing catch up on the blog again. It has to be an age thing regarding that time goes faster aspect. It just seems like we left the fun times at the Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan but I am writing this in the middle of June! It’s pretty sad that I can not remember what I wrote without looking it up and if it wasn’t for Barb’s pictures, I probably would have less to say!

As we roll into our site area, we have a new neighbour which does not make us happy campers so to speak. He has a stack of pallets about 6 feet high, his motorcycle parked between our units – we park back to back so both our services are in the same area – his snowmobile/motorcycle trailer is also parked between us, an ATV under his king pin area and he has a gray tarp duck taped to his rig all around so when the wind blows, we hear the tarp scrapping across the gravel – very nice! I’m not even going to mention that he has not washed his unit since he came into the camp ground last year.

1305143 May 12 Making DessertNeedless to say, we have agreed to seriously look around for something that suits 1305136 May 12 Barb With All Her Flowersus better but that is another day as we are heading into Toronto as Terri has invited us in to celebrate Mother’s day at her house. Mark & I arranged a surprise spa afternoon for our ladies to relax and enjoy some quiet time together. Mark & I on the other hand were busy shopping at our friendly LCBO! Once back, we had to ensure the beer we bought was 1305138 May 12 Barb In Her Face Maskok for anyone to drink and basically kicked back and watched the spring flowers grow.


After all that relaxation, Barb managed to complete a couple of quilt projects she has been working on and I got back into the swing of lawn care on our site and doing the planning on what needs to be done to the rig – washing, waxing, a little caulking and tighten some trim. Whew, after all that planning, I had better sit awhile to recover.

1305159 May 21 My Challenge Bear Outside Front


On Sunday, Corrie invited us over for lunch to celebrate Mother’s day. We 1305192 May 29 My Mother's Day Flowers From Corriehad a nice visit and met Belle, Mack’s girl friend. Unfortunately, Dean was away fishing and we didn’t get to see him.


Well, today is the day we’re heading off to check into some other campgrounds – is the grass always greener? Well, the first one we went to – we tried to stay in this general area, we like it out here – we were not too impressed with the entrance area but it is a secure campground. It has a mobile home area (12 months) a camp ground area (seemed older with small sites) but also a ‘senior’ 10 month area up on the hill. The draw back is to have one of these sites, you need to buy a Northlander unit or one of the existing units that were for sale. This area was nice as it looked over the lake and was a senior area. We stopped and spoke to a gent that was working in his yard. Soon, Dave called his wife out since she has the same name as Barb – go figure, we haven’t had that before! We asked about the management, how they liked living here and what the Northlanders are like and quickly, we were inside getting a royal tour. The unit construction was impressive and started us thinking so after we said our adieu's, we stopped off at the office to pick up a brochure. On to the next park and it was not impressive at all. The campground roads were just 2 ruts with grass in the middle and the trailers were in the mud up to the axles so this one does not make the short list. Wow, not much out there and1305177 May 25 Me By My Car 57 Tbird maybe we’re not as bad off as we think – we’ll re-group.1305174 May 25 A Truck For A Clown

On the way home, we noticed that there is an upcoming car show and swap – maybe I can find a hub cap for our truck, it’s only been missing for 2 years now! So, on Saturday, we head on down the road to try to find one. We wander around the show and see some nice cars and trucks and a possible hub cap but I didn’t bring an old one with me to compare so back out to the truck and take one off and then back into the show. That should take care of our walking exercise for this weekend! What luck, it had the same bolt pattern so it’s a sale. We had to slow down on highway 8 to take in the thousands of Lilac blooms and their aroma, it was a beautiful drive back.

Even with all this excitement, Barb found time to complete a few quilting projects that she has been working on.

1305158 May 21 White Tree For My BOM

1305189 May 29 Dr Who First Block1305155 May 10 Gandalf Square For BOM

1305156 May 19  Helms Deep For BOM

1305188 May 26 New Rubber Mulch In YardWe have been out shopping for garden stuff and 1305193 May 30  Enjoying A Cool One On A Very Hot Daydug out the grass from around the electrical meters so it’s easier to cut the grass and I’m all about easy! Of course, with the grass trimming cut, it’s time to kick back for a brewski.




Our next blog entry will be about the Escapee Chapter 18 & 41 rally near Kingston, Ontario so until then, keep well.

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  1. ok so you are still at olympia for a little bit then???be there in august???nice blog ,,look forward to the next one ..thought you were in a hospital ward with the wrapped up person in the blog..ttyl and big huggs